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Ferrari’s Fastest Road Car

Ferrari’s new F12 Berlinetta is officially Ferrari’s fastest ever road car – but it is also far more than that. Photographs cannot really express the absolute beauty of this masterpiece of an automobile – you cannot appreciate just how gorgeous the F12 is until you have run your hands over its tactile shape yourself.

According to Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s design director, this car is both highly technical and impossible to not fall in love with. Of course, as it is a Ferrari, as well as being impressive in terms of performance, it also has to be beautiful. The engineers worked closely with the design team to create a structure that remains aesthetically pleasing while incorporating as much innovation as possible – aerodynamic ideas, for example, that have never been seen before.

The F12 is lighter, more low slung, faster and more powerful than its predecessor, the 599 CTB, and it moves with such ease that it almost appears to be floating. Ferrari is a world leader in terms of innovation, but it also values its heritage – that’s why the F12 fits perfectly into the front engineered V12 tradition.

With around 545kW of pure power, the F12 is officially the most powerful Ferrari road car ever made – and the fastest, with a lap time of 1 min 23 seconds. The specs speak for themselves – the top speed is 340 km / hour, with 0-100km / hour in 3.1 seconds, and remarkably 0- 200 km / hour in just 8.5 seconds. The Ferrari is also not lacking in efficiency either – it is far more economical in terms of fuel than its predecessor, with surprisingly low CO2 emission too.

Sophisticated technology allows the battery to be constantly recharged when the car isn’t operating at full power, and a new hydraulic exhaust system greatly improves efficiency. All the electronics in the vehicle, including E-diff, traction control, ABS and EBS, are integrated completely into the F12’s brand new control unit.

The body of the F12 is constructed almost entirely out of aluminum, with an impressive 12 different grades of the metal being used to create this lightweight beauty. The end result? A weight of 1525 kg, close to 200kg lighter than the 599. 46.5 per cent of the car’s weight is distributed to the front, and 53.6 per cent to the rear. All in all, the F12 is a far tighter package than any Ferrari seen before – with an all new suspension and a reworked seven speed transmission that takes up less space in the rear of the car.

Even the air conditioning unit in the F12 Berlinetta has been given an overhaul – the air vents are inspired by jet engines and add to the powerful feeling of the car. Despite all this new technology, however, the center console of the F12 remains clear and uncluttered. In true Ferrari tradition, the interior leather and aluminum details are of the very highest quality, so the moment you sit down in those front seats, you are surrounded by a sense of true luxury.

As far as we are concerned, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is certainly the finest Ferrari ever made – and we haven’t even had the chance to drive it yet!

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