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Foods That Increase Testosterone Levels in Men

It is well known that testosterone, which is also referred to as the primary male hormone is in charge of numerous body functions, which include the development  and maintenance of male characteristics, bone density, muscle formation or body hair. After the age of 30 to 35 the levels of testosterone will slowly begin to decline, leading to male pattern boldness, loss of sexual desire or function, decrease in muscle mass and osteoporosis.

The possibility of developing these conditions can undoubtedly seem frightening for many men. However, through your diet you can boost your testosterone levels naturally and delay the potential development of these conditions for many years.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are known to reduce excess estrogen, which is known to reduce testosterone output in men. This is often the reason why men who have high estrogen levels tend to have more body fat and less muscle mass. DIM or diindolylmethane contained in cruciferous vegetables is an enzyme that can effectively lower high estrogen levels in men.

Include More Healthy Fats in Your Diet

According to research, men who consume enough omega 3 fatty acids have a significantly higher amount of testosterone in their bodies compared to men who are deficient. Therefore by eating more oily fish, nuts and seeds you can naturally boost your testosterone levels. Try to avoid a low fat diet and be sure to include the recommended daily amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in what you eat. Now that does not mean that you need to consume a diet that is really high in fat. You just need to be sensible and make sure that around 15 to 20% of your calories come from good fats, such as brazil nuts, mackerel, salmon, flax seed oil or avocados.


The best source of zinc is oysters. Zinc deficiency is known to cause the development of a variety of health conditions in men. These include sexual maturation, impotence, baldness and loss of sexual desire, muscle weakness and lethargy. Other foods rich in zinc include sesame seeds, veal liver, wheat germ, low fat roast beef, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, dark chocolate, lamb, peanuts and dried water melon seeds.


Foods rich in calcium, such as yogurt promote bone density as well as they have a positive effect on a man’s testosterone levels. In order to increase your testosterone levels, try to include low fat, probiotic yogurt in your daily diet. Other foods, which are rich in calcium include all types of low fat dairy foods, cornmeal, wheat, potatoes, spinach, soybeans or turnips.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

A study carried out in Austria has found that men who have enough vitamin D in their diet generally experience decline in their testosterone levels a lot later than deficient men. Therefore be sure to include plenty of oily fish, mushroom and eggs in your daily diet and also remember to get enough sun exposure. In fact, vitamin D is also called “the sunshine vitamin”, but why? Because vitamin D can not only be obtained from a healthy diet, but also from sufficient sun exposure. So go out and soak up the sunshine every day!

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