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The Very Best of Social Gaming

The world of social gaming is, without a doubt, on the rise. With people splashing out on iPhones, iPads, and android devices, we’re constantly connected and always looking for fun ways to kill a few minutes. Social gaming allows us to take the best of both worlds by using games to connect us with friends, both old and new. So here’s a look at five of the games ruling the social gaming roost at the moment.

Poker by Zynga

Zynga create lots of social gaming apps, and their poker app is a great one to get you started if you’re a fan of the game. Even if you’re not an experienced card sharp, though, you can still enjoy this app as a beginner – so everybody is happy. You can choose a variety of games and levels, and the app has more than 6 million daily users!

Draw Something

This great little app is already one of the best social gaming apps available. It’s a bit like Pictionary – but far more exciting and much more fast paced and frantic. You can connect and play with friends on Facebook and Twitter, as well as contacts who you’ve added through the app. The game has already been crowned the #1 Free App, #1 Paid App and the #1 word game in over 40 countries. But if that hasn’t convinced you then just go and read some reviews; people are saying it’s the most addictive game since Angry Birds! With 12 million downloads just one month after launching, it’s no surprise they’re doing so well.

Words with Friends

Another great gaming app from Zynga, this app will have you addicted in minutes. The game is all about building words, so if you’re a fan of games like Scrabble, this should be your kind of thing. The game has over 20 Million users too, so if it’s something super social you’re after, then this is certainly the place to be looking. The game even has a chat service so you can be message and catch up with friends as you play.

Temple Run

This is a great game to choose if you prefer to play by alone but upload your scores to leaderboards and compare yourself with your friends. Temple run has a distinctively old school feel that’ll take you back to your childhood. At the same time, Temple Run boasts some seriously swift and smooth graphics and effects that really make it look amazing. You control your character by swiping and sliding and tilting as they run through ancient ruins, collecting treasure and dodging obstactles. Then, when you’ve finished your run you can check back on the leader board to make sure you’re sitting at number one.


You’ve no doubt seen this pop up on your friends’ Facebook feeds at some point, but did you know there’s also a standalone app version? Farmville is the ultimate in “lifestyle” social gaming and offers users the chance to build a virtual business and livelihood whilst working towards common goals. The app has 295 Million active users and in-game success is dictated by how social you are – so you’ll never be short of people to communicate and game with. Beware though: this game can be seriously addictive – just don’t get caught playing it at work!

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