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Happiness Is Healthy: Top Reasons Smiling Promotes Health

Sitting around the house on a dark, rainy and otherwise gloomy day, you probably don’t believe many reasons exist to smile; your significant other left you hanging, and your mood is screaming with depression and sad looks. There are many more common reasons people frown, yet too many healthy reasons exist why smiling is actually very healthy. If getting a huge bouquet of roses or a Jaguar isn’t enough to make you smile from ear to ear, below are some more legitimate reasons why smiling is good for your health. If you are smiling while reading this, half the battle has been won already.

Boosts Immune System
Stop stressing on buying products to help fight your immunodeficiency; the body’s natural ability to regenerate boosts incrementally the more we smile as it has to work a lot less to fight germs and harmful bacteria. Sure, washing your body works great to fight the same, yet smiling can fight off airborne diseases through enhanced immune system protection.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure
Are you prone to high blood pressure and can’t seem to slow things down? Try smiling more often; studies have proven that people who smile more are less likely to succumb to myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) or pulmonary embolisms. There are plenty of expensive medications on the market which stabilize your blood pressure yet the most readily available, and free, cure for the high blood pressure blues is a smiling habit.

A Natural Pain Killer
Tired of feeling like crap and spending tons of money on energy drinks? Hate to be in constant pain over the smallest of bumps or scrapes? Smiling releases endorphins that act as a natural narcotic to fight pain. Serotonin is also released to assist the endorphins to fight pain; you can simply say that smiling is a natural ‘high’. Smiling more is what people need more than harmful and addictive painkilling medications.

Costs Less Than Facelifts
Tired of the high cost of youthful skin care treatments that promise a new look, or going to the doctor and spending thousands on facelifts or collagen treatments? Smiling naturally lifts the face using the hundreds of muscles within your jaw and cheeks, giving you a natural facelift and avoiding getting droops when you get older.

Staves Off Depression
Antidepressants are habitual, causing infatuations that require detoxifications to get rid of; the natural way to fend off depression is to keep the smile painted on your face for the world to see. Not only will you have a hard time getting sad again after you begin a diligent smile regimen, you’ll radiate to others that need some sunshine in their lives. Smiling is a contagious disease that does so much for the person in deep depression.

Makes Us Attractive And Successful
The more we smile, the better our rate of success will be. And, inevitably, we’ll definitely feel and radiate a more attractive look towards other people. For some reason, people that are not afraid to smile at the best and worst of situations tend to excel in personal and work areas of life. From there, our personal health status can improve drastically, our love life can improve, and so forth.

Overall, scientific studies can back up every bit of information stated above; smiling seems to be the cure-all for pain, suffering, illness, and even makes us rise up the corporate ladder. Don’t let drugs, alcohol or anything unnatural dictate what makes you happy or ‘numb’ as the most effective method of keeping a high morale and fending off sickness has been with you your entire life: the radiance of a warm, unwavering smile. The more you try it, the better you’ll love doing it.

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