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The 2012 Presidential Elections: Where the Psychics Stand

Turn on any of the cable news channels at any point during the day and you’ll find an eclectic group of people – former government officials, professors, journalists, pundits and candidates – making their predictions for the upcoming 2012 presidential election. In the cacophony of voices, though, all of them convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong, there’s one group that doesn’t get a lot of airtime: psychics.

Yes, some of the world’s leading psychics, those who advise celebrities, officials and millions of people from all corners of the Earth have made predictions about the election. And if you are a supporter of President Barack Obama, the news is good: almost all of the top psychics in the world predict a second term for our current leader.


Primary Predictions

To the average American, it probably seems like the Republican primary has dragged on forever. From a crowded field of nearly a dozen candidates though, one candidate has stood out to many of the psychics and their predictions are holding true. At the end of 2011, several of the psychics predicted that Mitt Romney would earn the Republican presidential nomination. LaMont “Monte” Hamilton, who has advised clients for 25 years, Sydney Friedman, who has predicted the Oscar winners with almost 100 percent accuracy for decades and LA Weekly’s “Best Intuitive Seer” Denise Siegel all predicted Romney’s nomination to the nation’s highest office. And as the days to the Republican National Convention tick down, it’s looking more and more like these predictions are accurate. However, it’s not all good news for Romney, not only do few psychics predict his victory, but Sydney Friedman even predicts that he’ll fail to win his home state of Massachusetts.


Visions of Victory

Except for one notable instance, all of the most prominent seers predict Barack Obama will win a second term. The only exception is Blair Robertson, who the Washington Times called their “favorite prognosticator,” who predicts that the Republicans will not only win the White House, but also both houses of Congress. On the other end of the spectrum, Maine-based psychic Vicki Monroe actually predicts that many Republicans, including those who seem to have little competition, will be surprised to lose their seats in Congress.

Otherwise, the consensus among psychics is clear: Barack Obama will serve a second term as the leader of the free world. Predictions on the margin of victory vary: Christiana Gaudet, a Tarot Grandmaster from West Palm Beach, Florida, predicts that Obama will win by just a small margin, as does the psychic readings of Denise Siegel, while psychics including Robyn Carissa, Joseph Tittel and Vicki Monroe predict a larger margin of victory.

Leading up to the election and afterwards, many psychics also predict economic improvement for the U.S. and the world at large. While most of the psychics are in agreement that the economy, both at home and abroad, aren’t going to drastically improve, it should level off and it will not get measurably worse. The Psychic Twins, for example (notable for predicting 9/11 back in 1999) predict that unemployment will remain about the same, but the economy will no longer be in a recession. Vicki Monroe also predicts an increase in job security and the return of certain types of jobs that have been replaced by technology.

Unfortunately, the news is not all good, though. Psychic and prolific author Sylvia Brown revealed in her 57th book that although Barack Obama will win a second term, she predicts that there will be attempt on his life made at some point after the election.

Of course, no matter what the psychics predict, the eventual outcome of the race depends on voter turnout and which box Americans check on their ballots. While the overwhelming consensus among psychics seems to point in the direction of our current president, it should be noted at least one predicts a spaceship landing on the earth and that Jennifer Aniston will get married.

And while the mediums mentioned here tend to be at least somewhat accurate in their predictions, the range of predictions means only one thing: we’ll have to wait until November to find out for sure who will be the next president of the United States.


This post was written by Ana Novak who is a freelance consultant for Oranum.  Whenever she is faced with a difficult choice she often turns to Tarot for the answers she seeks.



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