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How Integrated Should Your Business Be?

Making sure your business is integrated can mean a long road to streamlining your business practices. Not only will you need to look at connecting your business to the world online, but you need to make sure your web design lets your staff communicate more effectively with other staff and with customers. Integration means the smooth flow of information, products and updates through your business – from all levels.

There are a number of ways you can do this but the easiest can be through software. You will also want to consider using particular hardware to improve your integration within your business. This needs to create a solid, reliable and easy to use system throughout every level of your business.

Using Software Solutions

Software has become more important and is sometimes a little neglected when there are so many great distractions in the form of computer hardware. No matter how fancy your computer systems are, they are no good if they are not efficient and sharing information around your network.

It is also important to have very specific software to aid with important tasks in your enterprise. One example of this is using maintenance software to remind you for all of your equipment servicing and replacement. The great thing about modern technology is that it is easy to find others that are having the same problems as you and may have found a solution.

Best Hardware for Your Business

Setting up an integrated system for your office no longer requires a network but this can help in terms of access, speed and security. Many businesses are now turning to the ‘cloud’ to handle their storage needs and this means that you can be rid of most hardware.

An almost essential tool for an integrated, communicative business is the smart phone. These can let all of your staff stay in touch and access the internet whilst ‘on the go’. A good internet connection is therefore essential.

Sharing Information between Teams

Being a highly integrated business will mean that you will want to have information flowing easily between different parts of your business. This can be basic business structure such as:

  • Order is received by your sales staff.
  • This order passes to your warehouse staff.
  • Order is taken from storage or warehouse.
  • It is then packed and shipped to the customer.

This is a very simple example of how information sharing is important. However it needs to be on a much larger scale to really improve your business. This is especially so when looking to come up with improvements within the business. Try to make it clear to staff that they can (and should) share their thoughts on how processes could be improved.

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