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How to Create a New Customer Base

To be successful as a business, you need to be able to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, because unless you have a large customer base, it may be easy to lose it all at once. As with any investment, diversity will always make you stronger, so make sure you are doing your best to appeal to as many kinds of people as possible. If your customer base isn’t as large as you’d like, the following ideas will help you get on the road to making it bigger.

Establish Who Your Customers Are

If you don’t know already, find out who your customers are, as this way you will know who aren’t, giving you a good place to start from in looking to expand your client base. You may be able to ease up on your advertising among those segments that obviously love you already, and instead concentrate on those not yet won over.

Go To Them With Something Good

Places like university campuses and community gatherings offer a wealth of possibilities for a business, though you are going to need to be proactive and go to them. It is also important that you have something good to catch some attention with, as there is nothing worse than being snubbed at an event because what you are offering isn’t all that special.

A 30% discount on something will get everyone’s attention, as will an awesome product that comes in a lot of styles and colours, regardless, go to where your target market is, and offer them something they can’t refuse.

Get Professional Help

Investing in a business coach can be a great way to start looking more seriously at what the next big step could be for your business, and a good coach can help with everything from branding to strategic development.

Introduce a New Product Range

If you have noticed that you never seem to have a particular type of customer, whether it is seniors or left handed people, introduce a product range targeted directly towards them. Maybe they weren’t biting before because your product was too heavy or you use too many terms they don’t understand in your advertising, so do some research and target your market better, because unless you are giving people what they want and the way they want it, they are never going to buy.

Change How You Advertise

If you only ever advertise by putting up posters on the street, introducing a few new marketing tools may enable you to reach out to far more people. Try putting an advertisement on the radio, or even just putting your posters inside cafes instead of just on street electrical posts, and you may find that you finally start to see a bit more diversity in your client base.

Change Your Pricing

If low income people never seem to spend money at your business, maybe your prices are simply too high for them, as even if you have an incredible product, for some people luxury spending is simply out of the question.

If you can’t afford to just lower prices across the board, introduce a less expensive version of one of your products, and at least then people with less money will be able to afford to buy something at your business. Often these cheaper version products prove to be the real money-makers.

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