Save Trees: Recycle Your Moving Boxes


How much did you spend on moving boxes the last time you moved? Seems like an awful lot for a bunch of empty cardboard boxes, doesn’t it. What did you do with the empty boxes when you were finished moving? Did you hold onto them, recycle them or did you just throw them out? The average person moves 11 times during their lifetime. Imagine how many trees, how much gas and how much money could be saved if people reused their moving boxes instead of throwing them away.

My Move created this infographic to show just how many natural resources could be saved if movers recycled or reused their moving boxes instead of leaving them out on the curb. Just by recycling moving boxes you could save energy, oil, water, trees and, best of all, cash. For more information on how you can make your move a little bit greener visit My today.

For more information on how to have a green move visit today

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