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7 Free Apps You’ll Want on Your Beach Vacation

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Going on a beach vacation takes more preparation than you think. After all, that sunscreen isn’t going to apply itself!

Okay, you get the joke, but there’s a serious point here: it’s the little things that separate a good suntan from a bad sunburn. So if you plan on going on an extended beach vacation this year, it’s best to begin optimizing the experience right now. There’s just one question remaining: how can you plan things in advance and still have the care-free relaxing experience you so desperately desire?

Two words: free apps. At no cost, these apps require minimal setup/planning and will provide immeasurable value to you as you’re getting your tan, surfing, watching for rain, or building that sandcastle. Since apps can handle so much planning for us these days, it’s only right that they do the work for us while we’re on vacation. Here are seven free ones you need to bring with you on your next beach vacation.

Surf Report: If you live in Southern California and can’t wait to ride the waves this summer, then you’ll want the comprehensive app that lets you know about tide and wave conditions and whether or not it’s productive for you to bring your surf board on your next beach trip.

BeachSpot: If you know you want to go to the beach but simply aren’t sure which beach to go to, you’ll want to use this handy app for locating beaches near you. This is especially great if you’re on a beach vacation where there are plenty of options for you to pick from.

MultiTide: If you’re an experienced beach goer, then you know that the water level is not something to sneeze at. In fact, a good water level can mean the difference between good waves and bad waves, between sand castle conditions and having nothing to do. Use MultiTide to figure out where the tide’s at.

The Weather Channel: Of course, none of this beach planning is going to matter if you don’t have the weather report ready to go; just make sure you look well in advance. For instant weather updates, there’s a free app called “looking outside.”

SPF: For those pale-skinned and easy burners among us, there is an App that helps you calculate what kind of sun you’ll have to deal with today and how much sunscreen you’ll need to stay out. It’s important to make these calculations to maximize your sun time and minimize the sun burn.

Beach Safety: Of course, going to the beach means you’re going out into nature, even if it feels like a day at the spa. Always respect nature and keep up to date on safety tips and alerts.

BeachWeather: If you’re not happy with The Weather Channel App, BeachWeather is something that’s more up the beach bum’s alley. Use this app to gauge the weather at different beaches or simply to check up on your beach and see if the conditions are favorable to your favorite beach activity.

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