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The amazing technology packed Kia Rio is a must have

The technology inside a Kia Rio

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

What is more fun than a scavenger hunt? Only one done all over Los Angeles in a sweet new Kia car!

My favorite feature is the USB ports in the car that makes it easy for everybody to keep their mobile devices charged and synced in with the car.

If I were so lucky as to go on this scavenger hunt with a friend, or a lover, I would want to go to the beach and  all over the city. One great fact about the car that makes it stand out is that it is priced in the $13,000 range making it affordable on any budget.  This includes a touch screen in the dash that makes more expensive cars seem not worth the money any more.


Want to explore this car further already?  Go directly to Kia.Com to see more about this amazing and technology packed new vehicle!

Rio Explorer Page

One of the most famous landmarks and visitor spots is the observatory. Check out this video which has some great music and other hot spots.

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Perhaps one of the most exciting features is the UVO Technology featured in this car! Technology makes everything better, at least in my opinion as a Chief Technology Officer and having tech in my car is a must!


This car features a nice dash screen as well as Bluetooth, USB, Navigation and many more. Any personal or business traveler must have these. Being able to make hands free dials in your car is absolutely essential and this car packs it in and then some!

UVO Technology

Officially the group visited: 

Rodeo drive the high end shopping destination for LA celebrities. They were asked to count how many palmtrees there were in certain areas.

Pink’s Hot Dogs the favorite place for many that serves food named after famous Hollywood stars.  The team had to “Clean your plate to find the next clue”.

The Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round which has been running since 1937. It was a place that even Walt Disney took his kids prior to planning and making Disneyland.   The challenge presented was: “Use your cubes to answer L.A. trivia questions”

Roosevelt Hotel which is right by all of the hottest parties in L.A. off of Hollywood Blvd. The location where they had to race as the challenge to meet up with Christina!

Amoeba records where they had to find a hidden Christina Milian CD.


The challenge that seems most difficult is the one at Amoeba records where they had to look through all of the cd’s in order to find juts one. Sounds like the classic needle in haystack problem!

It was a very lucky win for this team to go on this hunt with so much excitement.

What we want our readers to come out knowing after reading this is how awesome the Kia Rio car is and that no matter what fun adventures you have planned anywhere in the World, it can be your ultimate companion!

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Article by:  Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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