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Children’s Book List Theme- Meet the Clever and Adventurous Little Girl Rayne

For your children’s books list theme collection, children’s books author, Elizabeth Rooks, introduces us to the clever and adventurous little girl named Rayne. Rayne just knows she is the Queen Water Supplier of the World, the one who provides the food and homes for all her animal friends who she knows by name. There are animals Rayne must convince, like Cora the Cow, Dale the Dolphin, Betsy the Bird, and Bella Butterfly. We all love a good story, and one that teaches a little bit about the world to children is a great thing. We can see as Rayne’s character develops, Rayne could grow into sharing other lessons as she discovers new things around her and about herself.


Elizabeth Rooks is an educator in children’s literacy and intertwines the delightful adventures of Rayne with lessons about the wonders of water. This is a book worth reading with your child. It introduces a vocabulary that helps increase a child’s reading skills and will be thoroughly enjoyed by parents and their young children. See more of Rooks Books and get book release notices.

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