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IT is the New “It” Career

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IT is the New “It” Career

If you’re trying to decide on a college major, you can’t go wrong with Information Technology. The field of IT is one of the fastest growing careers in the nation, virtually ensuring that you will find gainful employment once you graduate. Even though the field of IT is growing at an exponential rate, your skills will still play an important role in whether you get hired on with a high-profile company. If you’re considering IT as a major, here’s what you need to know:

1. Broaden Your Focus

Don’t make the mistake of concentrating all of your studies in computer science. The industries that will be hiring IT professionals include healthcare, transportation and energy. The wider a net you cast in college when it comes to classes, you will appeal to a wider range of employers. Consider a minor or dual major in healthcare, finance, life sciences or alternative energy.

2.Necessary Skills

No matter what title you end up with on your degree, it’s the skills you bring to the table that will matter the most. Make sure that you learn the basics and build upon that foundation instead of jumping right into the more popular classes. If you’re a whiz with app development but can’t work your way through traditional software applications, you won’t be of interest or use to any of the top employers. Once you’ve gotten the basics down, look for classes in app developing, .Net, Java and SharePoint.

3.Be Willing to Relocate

If you’re lucky enough to live in certain areas of the country, you’ll have an easy commute. If you don’t live in these IT hot spots, you’ll need to be willing to relocate if you have hopes of landing a great job. While Silicon Valley has always been the Mecca for all things computer, other cities in the nation are quickly catching up. If you want to find a great job, look in San Antonio, New York City, Greensboro, St. Louis, Baltimore and San Francisco. Though it hasn’t happened yet, insiders expect jobs in IT to pick up in the Midwest thanks to a decline in blue-collar employment in the region.

4.Keep Up with Technology

Did you know that if you don’t find a job as soon as you graduate, you will slowly become unattractive to potential employers? Companies are of the opinion that if you are unemployed for more than six months, you will lose ground when it comes to the latest technological advancements. Make sure that you keep up with technology if you have a difficult time finding a job; you may need to prove yourself to a potential employer.

5.Know What You Need

Different jobs within the IT field require different levels of knowledge. While some jobs may require that you have a four-year degree, others may only require a two-year degree. Don’t spend extra time in college if you don’t need to. Chances are that you will learn more on the job than you will by spending more time in college than is necessary. The skills you learn on the job may prove invaluable in the future when it’s time to move on.

If you’re trying to decide on the major that you will declare in the fall, consider a major in the information technology field. The field of IT is constantly evolving and always growing. If you have an interest in computer science and want to be virtually guaranteed a job when you graduate, the field of IT is the perfect choice.

Jeff Chapman is a full-time writer for higher ed blogs and journals nationwide with a focus on online education opportunities. Several schools offer online masters in health degrees, including University of Illinois at Chicago and Boston University.

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