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Top 5 DIY Home Improvements You Can Do This Weekend

Another weekend arises and you leave the office on Friday feeling elated. You blink and it’s Monday morning and you’re stuck in traffic. Sorry to put a dampener on things but most weekends are frittered on the sofa. That lack of focus and longing to relax often means we rarely feel the urge to improve our homes in our precious moments of spare time.

So here are my five ways that you can revamp, re-love and re-energise your home super quickly this weekend without sacrificing your pay cheque or your glass of wine.


Brighten your walls, skirting boards and floors

You’ll need:

Old clothes



Sugar soap

Four litres of warm water

Old towels

Old toothbrush


It’s not often we do a deep clean; I mean a really deep clean. Sugar soap will set you back less than a pound and works wonders to brighten things up! Give the room a thorough vacuum first and then a bucket of warm water and a sponge will get you going. Washing down the years of cooking, smoking, pets and living in your home can really make a difference. This is a dull job but it’s satisfying and the time will fly by if you stick on your favourite album as you scrub.


Re-grout your bathroom tiles

You’ll need:


Grout saw


Grout sponge




It’s best to take an old tile of yours to your local DIY store and ask for the best grout sealer to match. When you’re home it’s a matter of elbow grease (and again good music) whilst you remove your current grout. After all the old stuff is out, follow the grout instructions and mix up a batch of paste.

Applying it is easy as it’ll slip into the cracks and crevices easily. Any overlap onto the tiles themselves can be removed later on with ease. Once left to dry for a few hours the sealant can be applied. Make sure you check the grout from all angles before applying this. The sealant may need to be left for up to a day to really set, and try not to use your bathroom during this time – especially not for a hot bath or shower that produces loads of steam!


Revamp your wardrobe and chest of draws

You’ll need:

A measuring tape




Wallpaper glue



Handles to fit furniture


This works best if you have any leftover wallpaper or find some off-cuts from your local DIY store. Cut them to fit the panels on the front of the doors or drawers and then glue on with the paste, being sure to smooth out air bubbles completely.

Visiting your local market or B&Q to buy some door handles can really jazz up those tired old pieces. Simply unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones can have this job done quickly, and can really breathe life into your wardrobes and oak cabinets.


Add colour to your walls

You’ll need:


Small brushes

Painter’s tape

Old sheets



Place your old sheet on the floor to protect it. Ensure it’s weighed down and doesn’t slip. Mark out the shape you want with a pencil – why not jazz up your bedroom with a huge wall mural, or simply add interest with a small row of swirly florals atop a dresser?

Place the painters tape along the outer edge of the lines. Once the tape is secure, begin by painting on a very thin layer of paint. Once dry, repeat. Once the colour is deep enough and completely dry, peel back the tape to reveal the clean edge. Leave untouched overnight before putting furniture back into its place.


Frame your memories and add some art

You’ll need:

Pictures, cards, notes, drawings, magazine clippings etc

A bunch of new or old frames (try your local charity shop or IKEA)


This one is easy; simply find any images, clippings or notes you love and place them together in a variety of frames on your wall. It need not be neat! You’ll add a really personal touch to your walls without spending a lot on new wallpaper.


Tell me if you can think of any other weekend-friendly home improvements…

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