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Entertainment for Your iPad

We all know the iPad comes with just about every sort of app you can imagine. From educational apps to apps made for the business-person, there is something for everyone. Entertainment may be one of the biggest sections in the apps store considering the iPod turned iPad was created for convenient entertainment.

The seven apps advertised in the Apple store entertainment section are nothing short of spectacular. Here’s some of the apps you should try out at least once.

he most popular may be the “HBO GO” app, which gives you access to HBO as long as you are subscribed. The HBO app also has allows you to have you favorite shows automatically added to your Watchlist as long as you have a series pass.

The IMDb Movie & TV app allows customers to search movies by actors and directors in case you are not looking for any movie in particular. It is also a source of news on your favorite actors. Movies by Flixster, with Rotten Tomatoes is an app where you can search reviews, watch trailers and update your Netflix queue. The most obvious choice for most is Netflix, its popularity has grown wildly in recent years and has the widest selection of movies for viewers.

Apps besides movies include Brushes, the iPad Edition. The multi-touch screen of the iPad allows artists to be more creative while working. High quality brushes and tools, layers, and five blend modes. The playback feature is used for saving and displaying your art work once you have painted something and moved on.

The Civil War Today app may be the most interesting app the iPad possesses for those history buffs out there. There are thousands of original documents, photos, maps, diary entries and newspaper articles that are displayed one day at a time as if you were living during the civil war. Instead of reading a virtual timeline of events, you have the ability to live the life of a citizen during the war. Learning one day at a time makes the experience much more realistic.

HowStuffWorks is an app that simply educates you on almost anything. With over 30,000 instructional videos, articles and podcasts, you can learn something new every day by using this app. With some lessons being relatively facetious like ‘Stuff from the Future’, others like ‘Tracking Your Invisible Internet Trail’ could be useful for many.

These are just a few of the many apps the iPad has to offer. I suggest taking advantage of as many as possible, because they are tools that will only expand your mind!


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