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How to Minimize Clutter Fast

my formerly cluttered deskSometimes clutter can begin to take over our lives if we lose focus of keeping our belongings organized. As hopeless as it may see to be rid of it, it isn’t an impossible task. Grab some coffee and get ready to do a power clean around your house.

Throw Out Old Clothes

Go through each of your clothing drawers and find clothes you haven’t worn in awhile. Try finding three items from each drawer. If you aren’t wearing the items now, you won’t be wearing them anytime soon. If your items are new enough or a designer name, you can list them on Ebay. By doing this, you can clear up space in your dresser and closet, and earn some spare cash at the same time. With clothes you don’t think will sell easily on Ebay, donate them to a Salvation Army store.

Hunt for Old Magazines

Chances are, you probably have old magazines stashed around the house. Check your coffee table and in your bedroom. If you’ve looked at them already, you don’t need them anymore. If you were saving the magazines for a special reason, tear out the pages you wanted. Magazines can be recycled, so recycle them or donate them to an art program at your local community center.  If you subscribe to magazines try getting them electronically if you have a Kindle or Nook. You’ll save the planet, and keep yourself from gaining more clutter.

Clear Off One Table At a Time

Cleaning can be overwhelming if you aren’t focused on one thing at a time. Start with one table top. Grab a box and put everything on the table in the box. Clean off the table while it’s free of items and then go back to the box. Focus on one item at a time. Ask yourself if you need it and if you do put it back where it belongs. Anything that’s junk, immediately throw away.

When you are finished with cleaning out the box, move onto another surface. Do this for every surface of your house filtering out what you need and what you don’t. Remember to work on one table at a time.

Filter Through Loose Papers

Paper may be thin, but it can really be the biggest factor in clutter. Grab a garbage bag and gather all the paper you have laying around your house, including your mail. If your mail is no good, toss it. Scan any important paperwork into your computer for future reference. Paper can be recycled, so drop it into your recycling bin.

Jackie Ryan tries to be organized as much as possible, since she lives a very busy life. She keeps her belongings organized with Rubbermaid products.

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