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4 Great Healthy BBQ Tips to Stay Lean & Heart-Friendly

Enjoy Your BBQ and Stay Healthy and Lean

Everyone loves a good old fashioned barbeque, particularly in warm summer months when friends and family gather. Traditionally, foods cooked and served at a BBQ have been quite fattening and not exactly heart-healthy or easy on the scale. However, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your health for the sake of an enjoyable BBQ. Here are some tips for a healthy barbeque that will both satisfy your palette and belly, and keep you healthy and lean at the same time.

4 Tips to Eating Healthy With BBQ

Consider the following healthy BBQ tips:

Tip #1 – Be Cautious of the Carbs If you want to cut down on the calories, you may want to consider ditching the buns altogether. Burgers nowadays are so juicy and tasty that a bun is often unnecessary. More and more people are enjoying their burgers with a knife and fork. If you are one of those that simply needs your bun, then consider a healthier option, such as a wrap or a flat whole grain bun. These are healthier, and are much lower in calories.

Tip #2 – Stick to Lean Meats In order to cut down on the fat and calories, use extra lean ground meat. You might also want to consider ground chicken as well, or even veggie burger options. Not only do these options drastically cut down on the fat and calories, but they taste great too.

Tip #3 – Cut Out the Creamy Condiments Many condiments and sauces tend to be super high in fat and calories, such as mayonnaise or ranch dressing. Instead of these sauces, consider using hot sauces or mustards. These condiments are much lower in calories, and still provide loads of flavour to your perfectly grilled burger. Your BBQ should look like the work of a professional BBQ cheff, examine it against pro BBQ Catering galleries as for example BBQ At Your Place.

Tip #4 – Trim the Fat If you are known for grilling steaks, make sure you trim the fat off of any steak that you are cooking. Not only will this cut down on the fat and calories, but it will also minimize the amount of fat drippings that go inside the grill, which inevitable release toxic hydrocarbons.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health For Tasty Barbequed Treats

Sticking to a healthy diet and lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice enjoyable events and meals, like a fun BBQ. Making a few small changes can really make a huge difference on the number of calories and fat content of your BBQ meal. Not only will you still be able to enjoy your barbequed burger, but you’ll also be able to save your waistline too! Don’t forget to check out more amazing healthy BBQ ideas at today!

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