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RV’s of the Rich and Famous

If you’ve tricked out your RV, there is no doubt that you are proud of your efforts. It takes imagination and creativity to turn bland, boring motorhomes into exciting, glamorous recreational vehicles. Stars are not immune to the motorhome bug; in fact, several stars have jumped aboard the bandwagon with gusto. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at how these stars have turned the world of recreational vehicles on its head. Here are five of the most luxurious, celebrity motorhomes:

1. Pamela Anderson – Free

While many stars pay a pretty penny for their mobile vehicles, Pamela Anderson received hers as a gift. Pamela’s gorgeous Airstream trailer was a gift from Hugh Heffner and nicknamed “Lovestream.” The 2001 Airstream trailer is like no other, with an interior done entirely in white, a disco ball on the ceiling and a pink, lighted stripper pole in the living area. Pamela is known to have hosted many a wild party in this Airstream, custom-designed for the gorgeous bunny.

2. Matthew McConaughey – $65,000

It’s reported that Matthew McConaughey paid under $70,000 for his 2004 Airstream International CCD 28. The trailer, named the Canoe, has been outfitted by McConaughey to better suit his tall frame. The golden-colored bedroom, book racks installed on the ceiling, and a custom dining table make the Canoe a fantastic living space for the actor and a perfect hang-out for his guests.

3. Will Smith – $1.8 Million

To call Will Smith’s RV a trailer doesn’t do the vehicle justice. To say that the trailer is a mansion on wheels may be more accurate. The motorhome has a list of amenities that would amaze most RV hobbyists. Included in the vehicle is a full-service kitchen, an eight-foot movie screen, a reported 13 televisions, and a full gym. As if that wasn’t enough, a second level on the motorhome features a lounge, a bar and office space with enough room for 30 people.

4. Jeff Gordon – $2 Million

It’s a fact that NASCAR drivers love their motorhomes, but Jeff Gordon may love his just a bit more than most. Gordon’s newest motorhome, the Prevost H3-45, comes decked out with limestone countertops, Ralph Lauren décor, a spiral staircase, three separate televisions, and hardwood floors. With RVs like these, it’s hard to believe that these drivers buy “real” homes as well.

5. Robert De Niro – $2 Million

One of the biggest and best motorhomes among the Hollywood elite belongs to Robert De Niro. The expansive coach features over a thousand square-feet of living space, making it larger than some of the homes in America. With three stories, a super climate control system, 12 high-def televisions and a 30-seat theater, the RV is nothing short of a stunner. Couple the amazing amenities with hardwood floors and a luxurious design scheme, and you’ve easily got a motorhome that anyone could live happily in.

Even if you don’t have the cash to trick out your motorhome like a celebrity, it’s still amazing to see the possibilities that these trailers provide. From full kitchens to amazing master bathrooms, RVs can provide much more than a spot to spend the night in the campground. These gorgeous trailers, as shown by the stars, can truly be turned into homes away from home.

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