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Bedroom Updates for the Rest of Us-Room Decor on a Budget

Most people spend more time in their bedrooms than any other room of the house. It’s where you sleep for multiple hours every night; it’s where you get dressed in the mornings, spend intimate time with your significant other, and watch TV or read before bed. If you’re tired of the same-old, there are lots of inexpensive (and even some free) ways to update the look, feel, and function of your bedroom.


Wall paint is a great way to change the look of any room. All you need is a fresh paint job in your bedroom, and you can create a whole new ambiance. Because your bedroom is a place to relax, it’s best to choose light colors rather than bright or bold. A lighter color on the ceiling will make the room look taller. Painting the door and window trim will add nice detail.


You can change the look of any dresser or side table by changing the hardware. There are literally thousands of different hardware choices; there are many different types, styles, and colors. You can find hardware like pulls and knobs at your local home improvement store, or you can access a larger selection online. Pieces often cost less than $10 each, and installation is quick and easy, even for a beginner.


An entirely new bedding set is one of the best ways to redecorate your bedroom. Bedding sets tend to be expensive, however, and may or may not be in your budget. A nice compromise is to buy just a new comforter. If you have neutral or single-colored sheets, it won’t be difficult to find one that matches. Because the bed is the focal point of the room, a new comforter can dramatically change the look and feel of it (as long as your bed is made, of course!).


Lighting is also very important for the ambiance of your bedroom, and you often want soft lighting that will be relaxing in the evenings. Try updating your bedroom with new lighting fixtures. If you use table lamps, you might only need to buy new lamp shades. Even just installing a dimmer switch for the main lighting in the room will make a huge difference in allowing you to easily adjust the lighting in the room to suit any occasion.


If you have no budget at all, there is still one way you can change the entire look of any room for free: rearrange the furniture. Look at your bedroom and figure out a new layout plan. Challenge yourself to find a different place for every piece. Turning your bed to face a new direction will literally give you a new perspective in the room.


If your bedroom needs updating, then that includes your clothes closet. In your closet, look for storage improvements you can make. If you’re often missing shoes, for example, get yourself a new shoe rack. Add clothing bars, shelves, cubbies, or anything that will help you maximize space. A better-organized closet will make you feel better about your bedroom and its style.

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