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Vibration Analysis Can Guard Your Machinery From Serious Malfunctions

By Delilla R. Underwood

Several companies are discovering that vibration analysis is an effective way to monitor and maintain their machinery. The basic idea behind this type of analysis is that monitors use the vibrations in the machines to detect any changes or inconsistencies. This information can be put to use to identify medium developed damage, impending final failure, or misaligned or out of balance parts inside the machine. These analyzers are very accurate, and can help companies detect problems much sooner than other kinds of monitors and analyzers.

If parts of the machine are showing medium developed damage, then this signifies that they are starting to wear out. It won’t be long before these parts will break completely, but they will proceed to work for the current moment. Using vibration analysis to detect this kind of damage can help you to find and replace the parts before they cause other damage to the equipment that will also need to be replaced. You lower your odds of having to make a serious repair farther down the line if you change out the parts before they have completely worn out.

If the parts are really close to breaking down completely, then this means that they are impending final failure. This could be in a section of the machine or it could pertain to the entire machine. By determining that the machine is close to failure, you won’t be caught off guard or surprised when the day comes that the machine needs to be replaced. Knowing ahead of time means that you can make plans and set aside money to make the substitute.

You can also use vibration analysis to determine if there are parts that are out of balance or misaligned within a piece of equipment. When a machine is working correctly, it will send off different vibrations than when parts are not in the appropriate places. Before the equipment can sustain medium developed damage or reach impending final failure, the proper modifications can be made to put them back in their right places.

A machine monitoring system can help you to save both time and money when it involves maintaining your equipment properly. Other products won’t be able to detect the issues as soon as systems that use the process of vibration analysis. Repairs can be made to equipment with medium developed damage and misaligned parts because you were able to discover these issues before a much larger issue emerged. The vibrations can be used to detect several issues in a piece of equipment such as if it is about to break down completely. With this type of information you can plan ahead for any problems or repairs that may come up.

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