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5 Age-Defying Eye Make Up Tips for the Over 50’s

That super thin layer of skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas of the body, and unfortunately that means it’s one of the first to show signs of ageing.

The skin on our body and even on other areas of our face is more robust, but the fragile eye area is not so great at ‘springing back’ into shape – hence the appearance of crow’s feet from constantly crinkling your eyes up when laughing!

So, you have three choices: lead a boring and unfulfilling life in which you never, ever laugh; opt for expensive plastic surgery; or just teach yourself a few handy beauty hints that will take years off your appearance!

I’m guessing the third one sounds like the best to 99% of you, so here are my top makeup tips for bright, youthful eyes that won’t cost more than your eyeliner does…


Crow’s Feet

First and foremost, you should be wearing sunscreen around your eyes at all times – yes, even in winter. If you don’t fancy rubbing that sticky white paste into your skin all the shops seem to sell in summer, just look for an eye serum with built-in SPF.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do sans surgery to get rid of crow’s feet once they’re already there, but a little concealer can help to make them look less severe. Use a good quality brush and really blend the cream in.

If makeup has a tendency to ‘settle in the cracks’ and make your wrinkles look even worse, avoid any sort of powder around the eyes and apply a primer before your foundation or concealer goes on.

If you’re getting crow’s feet from constantly squinting to see better however, you may want to get your eyesight checked – surgeries such as RLE can improve your sight without the need for glasses or contact lenses!


Drooping Eyelids

Droopy eyelids can make you look tired all the time, even when you’re feeling at your most vivacious!

If you like to wear eye shadow, avoid anything shimmery or brightly coloured which only draws attention to any defects.

A matte, subtle shade such as beige or cream is flattering to any skin tone and works especially well for those over 50. Pick out two shades and use the darker one at the centre of the eye, and the lighter one as you sweep outwards and upwards towards the brow bone.

Apply a primer too, to stop the power settling into the creases.

Thick eyeliner will make eyes look heavier, not a good look when combined with eyelids that are already sagging! So stick to a lighter, natural colour (such as swapping your typical black for a medium brown) and go thin on the line you draw!


Dark Circles

Dark circles are not just an age thing – I’ve had them since I was a kid! Whether they’re caused by your age, your genes, an allergy, your hormones or simply being super tired, they can be covered up and pretty easily too.

Pick out a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation (or lighter than you skin tone if you don’t wear foundation) and apply with a brush under the eyes. Then pop a very light smattering of translucent powder over the top to set, avoid heavy powder which will just crease over the course of the day.


Puffy Under-Eye Bags

Here’s another one that can just be hereditary, although the problem often gets worse as you age. The best thing you can do to reduce these puffy bags is to pop a couple of slices of cucumber in the freezer for ten minutes or so, then lie back and relax with them over your eyes – the cold is super soothing and the vitamins from the cucumber can help your skin too.

If all else fails, try a light sweep of translucent shimmer under the eyes – a very light one that is, no garish glitter! It will reflect the light in such a way the bags will seem much less apparent.

I’d love to hear the eye makeup tricks that have worked for you…


Susannah Perez writes for Clarivu, the alternative to laser eye surgery for vision correction – because once you’ve done your eye makeup to perfection, you don’t want to cover it up with glasses!

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