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Youtube trending video of Ferrari 458 Spider running over cop

Youtube Trending video of Ferrari driving over a cop

In this youtube video that is trending all over you can see a guy in a Ferrari 458 Spider being ticketed by policemen. The officers in this video you have to wonder if they over reacted or if they acted correctly. It may have been an accident that the guy who was getting ticketed let his foot off of the break for a minute and ran over the cops foot. Currently this video is at 11,470,203 views as of 8/23/2012. Pretty impressive to hit 12 Million views. 

The policeman was telling the guy that he was on his foot and the driver kept inching forward so it seems that he may have known. He has very trendy hipster type clothes on with his frayed khacki like shorts, purple shirt, and nice shoes. At one point in the video you see a pretty girl going towards the car while the driver is still on the ground being arrested by the officers and you have to wonder if she is going to take the car but she is the drivers girlfriend. 

One lesson to learn from this; be careful and if an officer is writing you a ticket.. and you do happen to have a 100K plus car, just accept the ticket and be patient. The driver in this video was actually put into the police car in this video letting you know that he was in real trouble.



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