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Make Your Next Trade Show Display Eco-Friendly

While it is impossible for your trade show displays to have no impact at all on the environment, if you choose the right materials, it is possible to reduce your carbon footprint. Be environmentally friendly by choosing to compile your trade show display from the eco-friendly materials listed below.

Consider Alternatives to Particle Board

Just like particle board, bamboo can be the solid backing to any information you need to display at your trade show. However, bamboo is incredibly sustainable and good for the environment, unlike the engineered wood product. Bamboo is rapidly renewable; a bamboo plant can grow fully in only seven years. Not only is bamboo strong and durable, but it is also an attractive, glossy wood that will add a good aesthetic element to your display.

Additionally, natural fiber composites are durable and rigid substrates that are ideal for backing. These fibers fulfill the function of the boards you would regularly use in your display, and it is accomplished in a far more eco-friendly way. Unlike standard boards, natural fiber composites are not made with PVC. PVC, the main content of standard boards, contains toxins, mercury, lead, and other substances that are dangerous to human health and the environment.

Use Recycled Aluminum

As opposed to the regular aluminum you may use to help create your retractable banner stands or other trade show exhibit parts, recycled aluminum is the sustainable alternative. Recycled aluminum is made from 77% recycled materials, whereas regular aluminum uses completely new materials. As aluminum takes about 400 years to break down, this is an easily recyclable product! Recycled aluminum helps protect the earth’s resources and limit destruction of the earth by limiting mining. It is important to remember that recycled aluminum is just as strong and lightweight as the regular aluminum.

Invest in Eco-Glass for Versatile Shelving

If you need shelves or panels for your display, consider using the environmentally friendly eco-glass. This is made of 100% recycled plastics, so it is a material that is just as strong as the plastics you are already using. This is an extremely versatile material for your display; you can use it as a decorative accent and also as a shelving device. More readily produced plastics take ten times the amount of energy to make than this recycled eco-glass!

Purchase LED Lights to Highlight Your Display

If you’re looking to shine lights onto your display to highlight important information, then consider using LED lights as opposed to regular lights. These use 15% less energy than regular halogen lights. LED lights will enhance the message in your display, and it will do so in a green, energy efficient way. LED lights are also safer to use than halogen lights, as they do not reach the same dangerously high temperatures.

As you’re getting ready to make your display for your next trade show, consider the materials you’re using now and the impact they’re having on the environment. You can reduce the negative impact your displays are having on the environment by making the choice to alter the materials with which you create your display. By making a small change to your display for your next trade show, you will be creating an eco-friendly display that helps the environment immensely.

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