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Social Media for Global Good

Proverbs 11, verse 25 of the Bible reads, “The generous man shall be prosperous. He who refreshes others shall be refreshed himself”. 

I apply this quote into my daily life. To me, it’s important to invest in others because in this life, we cannot simply go it alone. To help the world forward, you must help others, and others must help you. Social media in every sense accelerates this forward. 

And thus we have a story out of New Hampshire, where one man’s act of kindness, and a Panera Bread owner’s gesture of last request is enough to create a better reputation in Corporate America, where usually big business is looked at as bad business. In a time of need, Brandon Cook, aged 21, called a nearby Panera Bread to request a bowl of clam chowder for his grandmother who was near death but wanted this as the final thing she could eat. Though clam chowder wasn’t served on Monday, the owner saw the brevity of the request, went ahead and made the soup, and it was literally the last thing the grandmother ever ate on her own. 

And then comes the best part: 

Social media has also embraced Cook’s story. He wrote a a heartfelt Facebook ‘thank you’ to the Panera staff. “Its not that big of a deal to most, but to my grandma it meant a lot. I really want to thank Sue and the rest of the staff from Panera in Nashua NH just for making my grandmother happy,” Cook wrote. The post got over 670,000 ‘likes.’

It is imperative that we pay it forward, going forward. Social media can be the catalyst. I myself am beginning the process on my Facebook wall where daily, I elect to put up job postings for open requisitions that I either don’t qualify for or don’t want. However, someone else might be looking and someone might find it useful. I may never know them, but if I can affect change and global good, why not? 

So what are you doing today to change the world? Whether it’s helping someone understand how to use Facebook, or something a lot greater, putting in that investment into social media and using your knowledge is the best thing anyone can ask for. 

Albert Qian writes for Albert Qian: The Social Media Dude. 

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