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Top Tips to Ensure Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Summer is here, the perfect time to go through your check list and see why your heating bill was so high this winter season, where was your home losing heat and where was the cold nights air creeping in and leaving the family uncomfortable?

Energy efficiency is important these days, it keeps the heat in during the winter without huge energy bills and it helps keep the property cool on these hot summer nights. There are a couple of things you can do yourself to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible and reduce your energy bills when winter arrives.

This is the best time to start your check list and do any necessary maintenance, if you need to call in any contractors they will be quieter now, the panic normally sets in when winter hits and everyone is trying to improve their energy efficiency.

Doors and Windows

Start going around all the exterior doors and windows of the property, wait for a day where there is a breeze and then close the windows and doors tightly. You can use a match and go around the edges of the door or window or if you have curtains in the windows, draw them and look for movement.

Movement in curtains when the windows are closed or a flame blowing out when it reaches a certain point around the window or door is a tell-tale sign that you have a very unwelcome leak.

The solution is to re-caulk around the doors and windows to see if that makes a difference. Also ensure your windows are a minimum of double glazed, triple glazing is very expensive but offers the maximum amount of efficiency.

You can also choose to film your windows with an energy efficient film. This is a covering they place over the window to maximize your efficiency without compromising the light you get coming into the home. It reflects the sun during the summer but keeps the warmth in during the winter.


You may find that the walls feel exceptionally cold even when you had the heating on and the fire burning during the winter, this is a sign that your insulation isn’t up to standard. Check your loft, ceiling space or attic for holes and ensure they are well insulated. There are a lot of easy insulation products on the market which enable you to re-insulate your property maximising your energy efficiency when winter comes around again.

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