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The Southern California Story: Networking Through Stories

If you follow this blog, you will from time to time, read about my feelings about the importance of professional networking. To me, networking is as important as food, water and shelter because networking is what gets you out there and in the eyes and minds of other people. 

Networking in today’s world has become a churn and burn of business cards. Too often are people interested in just the pitch and nothing more. What results is a superficial meeting of two people who could add more value to each other, but do not because of time constraints. With people, there ought to be no time constraints. 

There ought to be time for storytelling. 

On September 13th, 2012 (a week from today), I will be co-hosting a professional event down in Los Angeles, California at Senor Fish, a Mexican restaurant. This event will aim to look at networking from the viewpoint of stories, vignettes and narratives for career and life goals. The evening promises to be a great one, and we have some solid speakers lined up: 

Mark E. Sackett: an award winning designer, producer, entrepreneur and has over 31 years of consulting companies, executives and individuals. Find more about him at: www.markesackett.com

Luc Berlin: Founder of Miigle, a social network for ideas and has had extensive experience in internet marketing and social media. He has won several awards in business. Find more about him at:http://about.me/lukiberlin

Both of our speakers will talk about the importance of networking and networking from the viewpoint of telling a story instead of focusing on the business card. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there, and would enjoy having the opportunity to meet you. 

You can buy tickets here on EventBrite for $5 or $10 at the door. If you are one of the first 40 to arrive, you will be entitled to a free drink. 

Any questions? Comments? Leave them in the section below. See you there! 

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