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Two Pest Problems that Require a Professional

Pests can be problematic for a number of homeowners and in certain cases you may be able to resolve these issues on your own. However, for certain types of infestations, such as termites or bedbugs, you will most likely need to hire a professional exterminator to assist you. Termites live in nests in extremely large numbers and once they infest and begin to cause wood damage, eliminating them is no easy task. They can easily nest in hard-to-reach places that only skilled professionals with extensive knowledge in construction and entry points can locate to do away with them for good. Bed bug extermination is extremely difficult as well, based on the fact that not only do the blood sucking creatures live in bedding, but can take over rooms by hiding in very small spaces including furniture, walls, curtains, drawers, wall paper, and even pipes and wiring.


Termite control will require you to contact a licensed company that is reputable in combating these destructive pests. There are two forms of treatment for termites: baits and liquids. Baiting involves the use of cardboard or paper that has a slow acting material that kills termites. The termites share the bait and this causes their numbers to grow smaller and smaller. Liquids involve termiticides, which provide a chemical barrier to the home in the ground that will prevent entry. Those already in the home will then die off since they cannot return to the ground.

Bed bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, which come out at night when residents are asleep and bite, the battle is usually best left to the experts. These pests usually require a thorough treatment strategy over time so that they are completely removed. Though there are different over-the-counter sprays and chemicals available to homeowners to help combat them, an exterminator will have more effective choices on hand. A licensed pesticide sprayer can treat your home to make sure they are eliminated in the long run. Because bed bugs are known to hide anywhere, trained professionals will have to know how to track them down no matter where they may be.


Bed bug extermination and termite control may require total fumigation if all other methods fail. This method is costly and will require the homeowner to leave the home. Residential fumigation is only intended for the most severe infestations. Exterminators will use a chemical called vikane in the home, allowed for use with termites and bed bugs. In addition, it is used to kill roaches as well. These methods can be used not only for a home, but also commercial structures where infestations can take place. Total fumigation is the final strategy implemented by pest control experts to eliminate these things once and for all.


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