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Training for Your First Triathlon

The triathlon is one of the most difficult and rewarding sporting events in the world. The event showcases a person’s ability to commit to peak physical fitness by racing on a bike, running long distance, and swimming. Training to be competitive for one event is hard enough in itself, but training to be the best you can be at three separate sports takes a huge commitment to personal growth and achievement. Triathlons vary in distances from a half sprint to the world-famous Ironman. Here are some tips to train for your first triathlon.

Gear – You will need all the proper gear for each sport. Running is easy; all you need is lightweight sweat-wicking clothes and shoes custom fitted to your feet and running style. Swimming will require a bathing suit that doesn’t restrict you or drag too much in the water. Cycling requires the most advanced equipment and you can test out what bikes San Diego has to offer with triathlon bike rentals or just dive in headfirst with a little advice from the salesperson and try out some Cannondale triathlon bikes. Don’t forget proper cycling shorts to make those long rides more comfortable.

Getting in shape – If you are just now committing to working out, you will need plenty of buildup time to get your body conditioned and to prevent injuries. Don’t shock your body by trying to go the distance right in the beginning, start off slow and take it easy. Swim a couple times per week, run a couple times, and go on a long bike ride once or twice. The distance and speed should be slow and easy in the first month, picked up in the second, and really pushed far in the third to get you ready for a triathlon in just 12 weeks. One week per month make sure to take a rest and slow down. Decrease your workouts by 30-50% for that week and you will help your body heal and grow stronger for the next month. Don’t be concerned with your time for the first triathlon, just enjoy the race and go at your own pace.

Proper diet – A lot of people will force exercise but their body will not help them out because of a poor diet routine. Your body needs the proper nutrients to sustain a long workout and also heal and grow stronger afterwards. Make sure you are eating plenty of vegetables, consuming a lot of protein, and cutting out all high fructose products.

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