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My Method To Getting 6 Pack Abs

What do all of the top models and most movie stars have in common? The answer is a great set of abs. A ripped core is often seen as the pinnacle of health and being in shape. If someone has visible abs then they are usually looked upon as being in fantastic fitness shape. Personally I think it is because we all know that the abs are usually the last place that fat comes off, so by having a cut 6 pack that person shows that they are a successful person and someone of high value. However going to the gym is not enough, probably less than 10% of gym goers actually have a defined mid section. The challenge lies from the fact that people have a misunderstanding of what it takes to achieve this awesome look.

If you focus solely on ab exercises will you get ripped abdominals?

Often times nowadays if you go to a gym, a lot of the focus will be on core exercises. Personal trainers have people doing all sorts of crazy exercises on exercise balls which supposedly forces the body to stabilize itself using “core muscles”. Solely working these muscles is supposed to get you 6 pack abs. Some of the trainers will spend over half the training session on mid section exercises. But the sad thing is that these people will keep doing these exercises every week and very few of them ever get their desired goals.

Will Performing Tons of Crunches Give You a Washboard Stomach? Do you want to learn how to get shredded?

Another school of thought is to work abs hard every day. There are tons of exercises which focus on the abdominal muscles. Many people use various floor exercises such as crunches or sit-ups. Some people also used machines to help them get a stronger core. Some people recommend working the abs every day or every other day. Others say to do lots of reps without any weight added or to do low reps with heavy weights added. I see tons of people do this week in and week out and guess what…very few of those people have six pack abs!

Learn from Someone Who Has Six Pack Abs.

I have a very defined midsection year round, but it wasn’t always that way. I tried all of the methods above that I shared with you but never got the 6 pack look. In fact a back injury was actually the key to discovering what works and what doesn’t! Listen closely…I sustained a back injury 5 years ago and was unable to perform any crunch movement without pain. I was bummed out, because I had a vacation to Cancun planned 8 months later. I wanted to look my best on the beach and have a nice, toned body. But I had to stop all ab work for nearly eight months! I accepted my fate that I would look out of shape. But something weird happened… I actually got the best abs of my life and I didn’t even do one single direct ab exercise!

This is my approach.

Ever since that injury I have stopped all direct ab work and have had great abs ever since. Having amazing abs is a great deal about having a low body fat percentage and a small part about doing ab workouts. You see, all of us already have a nice six pack…it is just hidden under a layer of fat. I promise that if you drop your bodyfat to around ten percent or lower you will have great abs. My recommendation is to drop your ab workout and spend that time on cardio. You want nice abs? Hit the Treadmill or the Elliptical Machine. Seriously, it the only way you will ever see those abs.

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