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The New Egypt Game: An Exciting Twist On Ancient Egyptian Culture

By Robert X. Martini

The combination of historical ancient Egyptian facts and today’s technology has produced something ingenious- a new Egypt game highlighting accents sure to gain the attention of almost anyone. This action packed, role playing game has numerous options and preferences to choose from to make anyone’s experience the fullest enjoyment imaginable. This free browser game can be solo player or part of a team to battle known enemies from ancient Egyptian history and religion, such as jackal-heads or scorpions, along with a variety of enigmas in these large three dimensional maps sure to please.

The completion of secret challenges and a whirlwind of weapons are instruments in this exciting plot, aiding the player on their path to finding a cure. The storyline is one of love as all celebrated legends begin- a husband must battle to find a cure for his dying wife; the discovery of Ramses’ “Stones of Rancor” on an adventure has afflicted her with a deadly illness upon exposure to these cursed rocks. Any preview of the trailer will have the players ready and waiting to try out this new, exciting game.

An Egyptian princess by the name of Masika develops the entire plot- the conjuring of her spirit will provide any side, good or evil, with enthralling trials and tribulations. monarch. Players can enter countless missions and are not restricted to the husband character. This game allows individuals to create any field they desire- from female brawlers to male librarians, all the options this game has to offer can bring to life almost anything imaginable.

Mummies, with their decomposed corpses and missing organs, will fight any side, whether the character is an innocent librarian fighting for world peace or priests combating for the rise of Masika in this Egypt game. Scorpions as big as the characters are biding their time in the sands, waiting to pounce with their poisonous stingers. Jackal-heads equipped with khopesh swords and brain-nesting scarabs are a few more impressive antagonists standing in the player’s way of success.

State of the art graphics create interesting playing grounds, such as the Oasis of Amunet, with its palm trees and lush foliage for pigmy’s to hide in. Modernized visuals of the Bazaar and Ruins of Tabari maps include merchants and corner stores, cobblestone roads, and base camps for soldiers. Fight against other characters while battling the conditions as well in story mode with the PvE and PvP advantages. Thousands and thousands of individuals have signed up for newsletters to keep them posted on new additions and character advancement to the system; also new rewards are created everyday for conquering different challenges. This Egypt game unites excellent technology and intelligent plots true to ancient Egypt to definitely interest any recruit to the adventure.

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