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All Natural Beef is a Better Alternative

Today we aim at building an environment friendly world. Our this effort may at times usurp more energy than we think is required, but do we give up on trying to make this earth a better place and our lives healthier? The answer is NO. One such example of a successful attempt at making our lives healthier and preserving mother nature is ORGANIC food. Natural beef is a very good example of organic beef.

Natural beef and ‘organic’ used together might confuse some. Let us understand both these terms.

Natural Beef has been defined by the U.S.D.A as any meat raised for human consumption that does not have additives and is minimally processed. Claimed natural beef does not need any third party verification to be submitted to the U.S.D.A.

Organic Beef needs to meet certain criteria specified by the U.S.D.A to be classified as “organic”. In short it needs a third party verification that the cattle was born, raised and fed on organic pasture, never received antibiotics, hormones or chemicals, also the cattle has unrestricted access to outdoors.

Apart from the regulations organic and natural meat in terms of quality can be considered as same.


Why is this Natural Beef a better alternative?


The answer lies in the kind of food natural beef is. This type of food helps us live healthier and is a diet closer to what that Mother Nature had wished-for. The animals are fed on grass, free from harmful chemical, hormones and antibiotics. The meat obtained is leaner and also has bags of flavour. The natural beef reared animals are moved to a new pasture very third day to ensure they have sufficient green grass to feed on. Grass fed animals, provides us a better alternative than fad food. The reasons are:


  • Taste defines the food. The natural food has better taste than processed food. A great Chef, once said, the more you do to food, the more you take away from the taste and flavours of the food. The cow’s diet in turn affects the quality of beef and people having the beef relish the natural beef more.


  •  There is a section of people who fall in the position whether to eat beef or not because of its quality or any other opinion. For such, natural beef provides an alternative. They can be assured of the quality of beef. They are aware that the cattle was raised in the required environment and treated in as humane way as possible. The process of raising the cattle for natural beef payback the animals as well as the ones who consume the meat.


  • The nutrition content in grass fed beef or natural beef is higher than processed beef. It is a good resource of CLA, the healthy fat which guards against cancer. Natural beef contains Omega 3 fatty acids and low saturated fats. This reduces the risk of obesity, arthritis and keeps the calories under check. Natural beef is a better alternative to overall improved health.


  • The note on which we started ‘environment friendly’, natural beef is a better alternative because it is better for the ecosystem as well. The pastures on which the cows are fed are fertilized by the manure spread over the large area. There are no complications of waste management. The rotational pasture grazing technique makes the ranch self maintaining with healthier cattle and farm.


  • The natural beef alternative has provided the much needed support to local farming science. In order for the natural beef to be soft and succulent the cows need to be fed on legumes and high quality grass. This requires fertile pastures and only local farmers know the science and way to keep their ranches healthy and fertile.


  • Making lives healthier for ourselves is our goal and natural beef is that alternative. It is drug and chemical free. The regular process involves fattening the cattle by giving various drugs through the feed. The waste of such cattle goes into the land and water systems, further polluting them.  The cattle which is grass fed does not have all these problems. Else we would continue eating portions of poison every day.


  • Natural beef reared cattle is fed better than its counterpart industrial model. The cattle are subjected to inhumane conditions like the feed may contain stale food items.



Natural beef is a better alternative as the technique by which it is obtained keeps the environment, the land, air, water healthy without interferences. By moving on from processed to natural beef you also improve the welfare of the animals, a helping hand to the local farmers, ending environment disintegration and giving your families a healthier lifestyle.

The natural beef and all the process behind it, in all show us a path and give an alternative to a healthier life and in a humane way.


Author bio: The post is authorised by Jason Phillips. The writer of this post is a diet expert in a gym. His passion is playing football. He has written many articles on various foods and wagyu beef online stores as well.

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