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College Football Betting: 5 Easy Tips to WIN (Little)

College Football

Sports is exciting, fun, and often extremely unpredictable. That’s probably why we love it so much. But, it also makes picking winners and by how many very difficult. Sports’ betting is a multimillion-dollar industry and if you haven’t noticed more casinos are going up in Las Vegas than are being bulldozed down. Hence, the people setting the lines and handicapping the games know more than you. They just do. But, there are ways to beat them. Looking at college football in particular, I’ve developed 5 easy ways to watch your betting bank account incrementally go up. But, don’t quit your day job just yet. While you probably won’t get rich following this system, you might just have a better chance of holding onto your dough.

5. Avoid the Spread

You’re not going to win huge playing the money line. And while you may have to put up more money on the game to win anything, you have a better chance of actually winning and earning a few bucks in the process. The bottom line: it’s hard enough to pick games. Let alone, pick winners with point spreads involved. Avoid betting the spread unless you absolutely feel great about a team or just want to take a calculated gamble. Rather, take a game with a point spread of 4 or less and just bet on the winner.

4. Embrace the Parlay

Instead of trying to pick the winners of games with similar talent levels, take 4 or 5 teams that are almost guaranteed locks. Again, you’ll have to put up a little more money up front but your chances of winning will be decidedly increased. There are very few huge upsets (20+ point spreads or higher) in college football. Unlike the NFL where talent levels are usually very similar, the best college football players go to the best college football schools. Really, how often is McNeese State going to knock off Alabama? Virtually never.

3. Know Your League

If your alma mater or favorite team is in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), bet the SEC. That’s the conference you’re paying attention to and will know most about. Don’t take a flyer on a random West Coast team you never see play and know nothing about. An educated guess is always better than just a flat out guess.

2. Track One Team

Again, with college football it all comes down to talent level, coaching, and schedule. The best teams are going to lose at most two games. Take one of these teams and ride them all year. Some bets will make no sense, as your team will be too big a favorite. But, even the best teams will have four or five games that on paper could go either way. Only, the odds are if they’re truly one of college football’s elite, they’ll come out winning almost every one of these games.

1. If Talent is Even – Always Go With the Home Team

Here’s the difference between the NFL and college football: playing at home matters. Whether it’s being comfortable in a familiar environment, having a huge crowd on their side, and or just being around friends and family, college players always seem to play better at home. Yet, these bets are still very risky because anything can happen and momentum can change instantly. If you must bet, go with the home team here and hope the momentum swings your way.

Mark Nielsen writes for sports blogs and recommends using Sports Betting Systems to have a little fun with predictions.

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