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Steve Jobs: One Year Later

I remember the day as somber before the news even came across the wire. That morning in Cupertino, a disgruntled ex-employee at a quarry had gone back to his former place of work and shot several of his ex-co-workers to death, then had led police on a high speed chase through a neighborhood before he was shot to death by policemen.

Just the day before across the way, Apple had held its annual gathering to announce a new product – the iPhone 4S, 4S of course, for many people standing for “For Steve”. The event, hosted by Tim Cook was one with very somber tones and an empty seat in the corner, reserved for Steve Jobs. Looking at the pictures of the event and the facial expressions of the attendees, even many of them knew that the end was coming near.

As Thursday October 5th, 2011 descended into the early afternoon a steady rain began to fall. The large windows at Cisco showed a very dark day outside.


I was working on a communications project at the time when on Facebook, a message came through from a friend linking me to the official AP Twitter feed, stating that Steve Jobs had succumbed to Pancreatic Cancer. I would then follow that up with my post here.

A year later we still talk about him like a family member who left us too soon. He after all, did not invent the phone or the computer or the tablet computer, but he gave us a reason to think he did by making them better than what was already on the market. I know myself, that I still think of how he would run Apple. With the latest fiasco coming from Apple Maps in iOS6, it leaves us wondering – “What would Steve have done to the engineer who screwed that up?”

Indelible impacts on society are tough to leave – there are after all, so many of us on this planet but there are the crazy, influential ones like Jobs who yet being so famous, also seem like the types that we know in our own lives. A year on, we remember, and we wish that life hadn’t take him so quickly.

Rest in Peace, Steve. May we carry on what you did in quality and inspiration.

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