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4 Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Christmas Décor

Millions of people celebrate Christmas around the world, and everyone has their own ways of decorating for such a special time of year. With this wonderful holiday just around the corner, you only have a couple of months to prepare.

While you certainly can just go with the usual decorations like Christmas lights, lawn ornaments, and window stickers, you may be looking for a little something extra this year to change things up a bit.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Christmas décor so everyone who visits in December is impressed by your decorating skills, here are four of the best ways to do so:

Fake Snow

Who doesn’t love snow?

While real snow eventually melts leaving you with just grass, fake snow will not go anywhere. And the best part about fake snow is that you can use it inside as well as outside to really give your current décor that added look that it needs during the holidays.

But be careful: too much snow can ruin your beautiful works of art by saturating them in white if you’re not careful!

Outdoor Nativity Sets

Since Christmas revolves around great figures like Jesus and The Three Wise Men, a nativity scene of your choice could really bring everything into perspective.

While you could certainly put a nativity scene indoors that is smaller, outdoor nativity sets need to be much larger so everyone can see them better. Besides, it might look kind of silly if you just had 3-inch figures in a circle outside of your house.

There are some nativity scenes made for the outdoors that reach as high as 45 inches!

Red Velvet Curtains and Rugs

This is a bit of a radical idea, but hear me out.

Red velvet is a bit on the expensive side sometimes, but if you dedicate a bit of time looking for decent prices, you could nab curtains and rugs for a relatively low amount of money.

What you end up with is an amazing contrast in colors in your house. With the fake snow and other décor that you normally have in your house, the deep red offsets that brilliantly.

Christmas Ivy

For some reason, not many people know how awesome Christmas ivy looks inside and outside of their homes.

In addition to adding a nice green shade to the other reds that you have around your home, it also adds a rustic appeal as well. On top of that, you can also string lights onto them to really make the ivy come to life.

And if you drape it around your Christmas tree, forget about it! Gorgeous!

I guarantee that if you’re trying to capture the essence of Christmas, these four things will certainly help.

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