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Differences Between Golf Drivers and Fairway Woods

In golf there are only a few things that matter: hitting the golf far and straight and accuracy in your short game.

Your set of golf clubs contains all you need to get balls in the hole in the least amount of shots as possible, ranging from large woods to irons, and even a putter to finally knock the ball in when you’re up close on the green.

But your driver and fairway woods are quite possibly the most important clubs in your bag, aside from the putter. While your fairway woods may look exactly like your driver, there are big differences that set them apart.

Your Driver is for Maximum Distance

The main goal of your driver, which is often the biggest and most colossal club in your arsenal, is to mash the ball with all your might and drive it for maximum yardage. Nothing gives you an advantage like driving the ball farther than your opponents, because then you can get to work with your more accurate and smaller clubs.

While you’re obviously trying to hit the ball straight as well, your main objective is to get the ball as far down the fairway as possible.

Fairway Woods are for Control and Precision

Fairway woods often have greater lofts than drivers, which means you will not be able to hit the ball as far as a driver, but you’ll have better control and a better chance of avoiding water hazards and sand traps that may be in proximity.

Most people use fairway woods when on short grass and off of a tee when the hole isn’t far enough to use a driver.

Ideal Situation

Your best bet is to start off with a driver for your first shot most of the time, and after your first shot, switch to your smaller fairway woods. Switching to your fairway woods after a long drive is referred to as an approach shot, meaning you’re approaching the hole and need accuracy on your side.

If you are at least a decent golfer, you’ll get to your hole in the least amount of strokes this way.


Selecting the right clubs for the job goes a long way, and whether you enjoy Taylormade golf clubs or Callaway golf clubs, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

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