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Get the Most Out of a Car Finance Deal

What are the benefits of buying a new car? Let me illustrate:

You can choose whatever make or model you want.

Have you ever been a kid in a candy store? Then you would know what we mean when it comes to choosing a car of your liking. Do you need an off-road vehicle for those adventurous trips? How about a sleek and compact car for the city? If you have children, do you think an SUV would be better for your whole family and the ubiquitous extra baggage you always carry? You can take your pick from the hundreds of car models and brands available today – all according to your preference, your needs, and your budget.

You can accessorise to your heart’s content.

When we say accessorising, we don’t mean hanging a dice cube on your car’s front mirror. What we mean is, you can choose leather seats or cloth seats. You can have the headlights changed and opt for brighter beams. You can install different alloys on your wheels. You can choose to have a different colour – fancy a bright yellow car, or a matte grey look? You can even have your vehicle lowered (for what reason, I personally don’t know) – but your range of options are virtually unlimited.

You are more mobile.

Increased mobility – isn’t that your whole purpose of buying a car in the first place? You can go anywhere you like, take road trips across the country, and go on that weekend getaway to the coast. Of course, your daily activities are taken care of as well. Driving to and from work takes less time, and you don’t have to squeeze your way into the tube with dozens of other commuters. Plus, with a new car, you don’t have to worry about motor dysfunctions and breakdowns. Driving is a smooth and easy pleasure.

You can get a good warranty in case of any trouble.

If there is any trouble whatsoever in your new car, the dealer will take care of it. Most cars go with a standard warranty of four years and 50,000 to 60,000 miles. But aside from the warranty, your new car is privy to maintenance checks, road side assistance, and replacement of parts. If, on the off chance, your car would need a repair, you don’t have to shell out any amount – the dealer will be responsible for all repairs up to a certain number of miles.

There are plenty of car finance opportunities for you to get the car of your dreams.

Have you been dreaming about that new Audi for months? Or are you more on the practical side and are looking for a Mini for the city? Whatever you want, it can be yours. Car lenders are plentiful – all you have to do is take your pick. Rates can go as low as 7.9%, and payment options can vary from 18 months to five years. Your options are virtually unlimited, especially if you choose the right lender, like Car Loan 4U, who can let you select among all the UK dealers available.

Tom Veasy is a freelance writer with an interest in consumer and financial affairs. He writes for several financial blogs about car finance at Car Loan 4U


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