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The Wonder of Plastic Lives On

Plastic gets taken advantage of I think. We’re surrounded by it. Its fibres protect us from the rain, entertain our children and store our much loved items. But what happens when we don’t love our plastic items anymore? Some can be recycled but not all so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and reuse them instead. For inspiration, I recommend taking a peek at Martine Camillieri’s work.

Getting the children involved

Collecting bottle tops and using them as counters for children can save on stickers. All you need is a couple of old jam jars to store them in. You can then sit back and watch your kids’ eyes light up as they fill the jar, gaining special treats or presents for their good behaviour.

Plastic polystyrene peanuts come in a lot of packaged goods. Collecting them up and using them as a top-up for your sagging bean bag can put them to good use. Alternatively you can fill old pillow cases with them and donate them to your pets. Make sure you stitch them up well and they make ideal bedding.

Yogurt Pot Lovin’

Old yogurt pots can be transformed into new friends if you stick felt on them. A little PVA glue and a pinch of imagination can lend themselves well to an old forgotten pot.

Adults can always find joy from an aged food pot by using them as candle moulds or draw organisers for paperclips, pens and rubber bands.

Plastic in the Garden

Using old Tupperware to grow your nursery seedlings in is perfect. Old two litre bottles can be cut in half and each end can house a growing plant. Remember to prick holes into the bottom half of the bottle so that the water can escape.

If you fancy lighting up your garden at night for a snip, then look no further. Carefully cut the bottom off a plastic bottle and then seal it off with duck tape. This small holder is perfect for hosting a tea light. Placing it on a path or wall can really set off a party.

You get plastic bags everywhere but there is no need to throw them out. Reusing them for new shopping trips is a no-brainer, but there are other things you can do with them too. Try wrapping your stored items in your loft and basement with them, just for double protection. Also, try lining mess boxes for your pets with them to make cleaning time extra fast.

You can even make use of that old roof upvc cladding from your house or garden as a boarder for flower beds.

So those are my favourite ways to reuse plastic around the home. Do you have any reusing tips to share?


Gavin Harvey is a dedicated personal trainer whose thirst for adventure has taken him around the world. After a gap year in Australia he has settled with his partner and two cats. He is currently renovating their home and finding ways to reuse and recycle where they can. He currently blogs for Eurocell.  


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