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Armstrong Stripped of Titles

The story of Lance Armstrong would be one of triumph and inspiration. After surviving testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and brain, Armstrong returned to cycling to win seven consecutive wins. As of October 22, those titles have been stripped.

Armstrong has been stripped of his seven consecutive titles from the Tour de France and banned for life by the Union Cycliste Internationale governing body due to doping allegations. Reports from the U.S Anti-Doping Agency state that Armstrong led a massive doping program among his team. Accusations of his team using steroids, the blood booster EPO, and blood transfusions has been the head front of the investigation. Former members of Armstrong’s team have also testified against him.

This decision by the UCI president Pat McQuid leaves strong consequences for Armstrong. He is completely erased from the books and lost sponsorship from Nike and other endorsers. Armstrong has denied doping allegations for years and have passed hundreds of drug tests. He says the trials have been biased against him and he no longer wants to fight.

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