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Holidays At Home

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For the last twenty years, it has been all the rage to jet off somewhere hot and sunny to enjoy a week on an exotic beach. However, with the economic crisis and air fares shooting through the roof, holidays abroad are now not as attractive as they once were. There are several benefits to staying in the UK and it is not as boring and as unadventurous as many people think!

Avoid long airport waits and delays

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There is nothing worse when jetting off somewhere hot, to know that your holiday is going to be cut short because there is a delay at the airport. Similarly, it is never nice to be tired, ready to come home at the end of your holiday and be informed there is a long wait on your flight. Although there are sometimes traffic jams there is often far less waiting around and delays when you stay in the UK and don’t need to use air transport.

No luggage restrictions

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With our reliance on so many products these days including hairdryers, straighteners, body lotions and hair products, our suitcases are never the lightest of things. Add a couple of huge platform shoes and a laptop and you are on your way to paying very hefty charges at the check in desk. By travelling in the UK and therefore not going near an airport you are free to take as much luggage as you wish!

Save money

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One of the biggest reasons people are not venturing out the UK for their annual hols. Holidays abroad can be a huge expense and much of that is the flight costs to get to your destination. By staying close to home you could shave a chunk off your holiday costs.

Helping the environment

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Did you know that in the EU, greenhouse gases have increased by 87% percent between 1990 and all these gases can contribute to climate change and global warming! Meaning taking a holiday abroad has a negative impact on the environment. By travelling within the UK and using your car as little as possible, you can count yourself as someone who is helping to prevent anymore damage to the Ozone layer!

No time commitments

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When you book a holiday abroad including return flights, you are at the mercy of your flight times and the delays and long waits they come with. You may also have a set timetable when it comes to entertainment, transfers and various other aspects of your holiday in the sun. Stay at home and you are in complete control of your holiday. You can go where you want whenever you want.

No worries about currency

When changing your pounds to the local currency of your holiday destination, you never ever get a good deal. Whether it is the exchange rate, economic situation or simply a bit of a stitch up, you lose money along the way somewhere. You also have the worry or remember to do it before you leave, how much money to take and whether to take travellers cheques anymore. If you are in Britain, you are at home with the GBP with no stress or worry about foreign currencies and all that comes with them.

No language barrier

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We should at least try to make more of an effort when we go abroad, but to be honest not understanding the locals, the menus, the signs is more than a little inconvenient. Misunderstandings happen and confusion when on holiday can be stressful and even upsetting. Holidaying in the UK takes away everything associated with a different language and makes your break far less stressful.

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