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Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Blackout Curtains

I’ll bet you $100 that you’re pretty tired right now. That’s how confident I am that you are doing a combination of the following that’s affecting your sleep: you’re only getting six hours of sleep or less, have curtains that suck, or have trouble falling asleep from drinking too much coffee during the day.

And do you know what may very well be the biggest cause for your poor sleep habits out of those three very likely possibilities? The terrible curtains.

This may be completely obvious, but did you know that your body triggers a mechanism to get your butt out of bed when it’s exposed to even slight amounts of light? This may very well be in our genes, but you can surely trick your body into thinking it’s still nighttime by getting blackout curtains.

But sleep isn’t the only plus with owning these curtains.

Here’s why you should already be online browsing the web for blackout curtains:

They Look Nice

Sleep aside, blackout curtains look really, really good.

And the words “blackout” are probably scaring some people away from the idea because they think they’re black curtains. Sure, there are blackout curtains that are black, but the term arises because of the thick material used, which then blocks out the sun’s rays.

So really, you can get a light blue blackout curtain set if you really wanted to.

Will Help You Sleep Longer and Deeper

I already touched on this before, but since a lot of people enjoy skimming articles, I’ll mention it again so you’re not missing out. Yes, blackout curtains will trick your body into thinking it is still nighttime outside, which will allow you to sleep longer and deeper.

Rather than waking up as soon as the sun rises and then fighting your body as it goes in and out of a sleep state, you can stay in REM sleep the whole time, thus allowing you to feel way more refreshed in the morning.

Provide You with an Opportunity to Keep Out Heat and Cold

Thick blackout curtains aren’t just for keeping out light, they can also be used to keep out the heat and cold as well. The sun’s rays produce quite a lot of heat, which you’d love to keep out on a hot day. And when it’s cold out and you have a drafty window, the curtains will block a majority of the breeze that flows its way. This will save you money on heating and air conditioning!
Still using those old, thin curtains that your grandmother gave you? It’s time to move on and get some nice blackout curtains!

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