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Make a Fast Buck

Let’s face it – we could all use some extra cash, especially at this time of year.  For most of us, taking a second job isn’t an option, and there isn’t much overtime going around, so if you want to make some extra cash, you will need to get creative.  Here are a few automotive related ideas to help you bring in some money in the short term.

1.    Car boot sales

Car boot sales are an easy way to clean out your house and make some extra cash.  You will have to pay a fee to set up your stall, but it should be easy to make back the fee and the petrol costs.  Be warned, however, attending car boot sales as a buyer is fun, but attending as a seller means an early morning, a long day, and lots of haggling.  It’s worth it as a one off to make some cash, though.

2.    Number plate flipping

Buying personalized number plates and then “flipping” them (selling them on for a profit) can be a good way to make money, either in the short term, or as a side business.  To make a profit, you will need a good eye for trends.  A bit of creativity helps too.  If you had registered TW1L1GHT or H0GW4RTS before Twilight and Harry Potter took off, you could probably have made a nice profit from those plates. Be sure that you understand the number plate transfer process and the fees that are involved. You will want to either build-in the number plate transfer fees into your prices, or make it clear that the buyer is responsible for them in the ad.

3.    Art and Customization

If you’re a good artist, designer, or metalworker, why not use that to make some extra cash?  There’s always demand, in the enthusiast market, for people that can spray-paint interesting designs or make custom mods. Many artists already do designs for friends at cost (or at a loss, simply because they enjoy painting or metalwork so much).  If you decide to try to make money from it, be sure to calculate your expenses carefully, and charge an appropriate value for your time.

4.    Mobile Advertising

If you own a van, have you considered allowing a company to place an advert on the back?  There are many companies that will pay van owners to accept a vinyl wrap advert on their vehicle. You won’t get rich from carrying these ads, but you can think of it as reducing your tax, insurance, and petrol costs.  Either way, it’s extra money in your pocket, for minimal effort.

5.    Drive Smarter

Another way to feel better off is to reduce your outgoings.  Do you really need to drive to the shops, or could you walk?  Is your car in good condition? Have you checked your tyre pressures recently?  A poorly maintained vehicle is far less fuel efficient than one that has been recently serviced and is being driven carefully.  Why spend more money on fuel than you need to?

These great money making ideas came from The Plate Market. With their help you could make extra cash buying and selling car registration plates. Visit their site for more info.

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