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Gate Automation Systems: Security, Safety and Protection

Gate automation systems are becoming more popular today. This is mainly because of the countless benefits they provide for residential, industrial and commercial properties. Owners see this technology as a great investment. A gate automation system is comprised of a radio control, motor, control unit and safety devices such as photo cells and a flashing light.

Radio Control

Gate automation systems use the transmitter as a control device for gate or garage door activation. An internal battery powers the control unit that stores the commands. The transmitter is paired with a receiver, reader and a switch. Users activate the system through the digital switch.


The motor is installed on the garage door or gate to make it move. A single or double motor can be used depending on how the door or gate functions.

Control Unit

In order to activate the garage door or the gate, there must be the control unit that contains the electronics to control the motor. Today, there are many different types of control units that may be connected to one or two motors externally or integrated into the motor itself. The control unit acquires signals from the photo cells.

Safety Devices

Gate automation systems typically contain two safety devices. This includes the photocells that send the pulse signal to the control unit upon detecting obstacles within the operating automation radius. The other device is the flashing light that indicates gate movement.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the most common type of automation system. Usually, sliding gates are made of stainless steel, duragal steel, timber infill panels, aluminium and other types of architectural materials.

What is great about sliding gates is that they can be as wide as 15 meters to provide a high level of security. They typically offer trouble-free operations with stunning architectural design.

The most common safety devices installed for sliding gates are loop detectors, safety sensitive edges and photoelectric beams.

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are best for commercial and industrial properties located in high traffic areas. This is because they can withstand constant operations with heightened security and ram resistance.

Cantilever gates are made of stainless steel, duragal steel, timber infill panel and aluminium.  They can be as wide as 12 meters with no ground track. Cantilever gate options include signage, flashing, access control and fire alarm control systems integration and battery back-up in case of power failure.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are a smart option for homes and commercial and industrial properties where sliding gates may not be suitable. Like the sliding version, these may also be made from materials like stainless steel, aluminium, duragal and timber infill panels. Swing gate drive systems may include manual release in case of power failure, drive motors, safety devices connected to the gate operator and programmable logic control boards.


Turnstile gate automation systems are designed for high-volume areas like sports stadiums, industrial plants and military installations. They feature automatic adjustments. This means there is no need for regular adjustments. In addition, turnstiles are installed by bolting them to the floor with concealed electrical cabling on the frame. Manufacturers often use stainless steel and duragal steel. The drive systems used in other types of gate automation may also be applied to turnstiles.

Automatic Boom Gates

Boom gates are among the most sought after types of automation systems. Automatic boom gates are designed for controlling traffic in private entrances and parking lots.

Boom gates can range from four meters to 12 meters wide. They are cost effective barriers for places like shopping centers, office buildings, warehouses and distribution facilities, car parks, industrial and commercial facilities and government buildings.

Advantages of Gate Automation Systems


Nowadays, going in and out of unsecured gates can pose a serious threat. There have been many cases of people being attacked while they open their gates. Although a gate automation system will not totally eradicate these threats, it will effectively lower their likelihood. The newest innovations in automation systems allow owners to rapidly close or open their gates.


Gate automation system upgrades provide the owners with convenience. They no longer have to get in and out of the vehicle to open and close the gates. The gate will open and close with a single push button.


There are many different options for safety security systems that owners can choose from. This means residential, commercial and industrial property owners will not only take advantage of the open-close system features. They can also have security systems integrated into their gates or garage doors such as photo electric beams, induction loops and safety sensitive edges.

Induction loops are also called embedded cable loops. They are sealed inside asphalt or concrete roadways. There is an electronic device connected to the loop that serves as the detector. This system is best used in gates where large vehicles often pass.

Meanwhile, the photo electric beams and the safety sensitive devices are not only for vehicles. They also detect pedestrians passing by.

These advantages are just a few of the many reasons why residential, commercial and industrial property owners upgrade to gate automation systems. This technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. That means there is also heightened security and control over the property’s entrances and exits.

There are many gate automation manufacturers today that offer these products. They offer both sales and installation services to make sure that the system is properly placed and working.

Home and business owners should not be skeptical when it comes to gate automation systems upgrades. Purchasing these systems ensures the safety of occupants, vehicles, goods and property. Owners can also enjoy the convenience and versatility that comes with gate automations systems.

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