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10 World’s Best Family Hotels and Cruises

The strong ebb and flow of tides and waves lending life to water bodies is best experienced during a cruise. When a well lit city like New York City is your target, the fairy-lights-like appearance of the city provides the perfect backdrop for a dinner cruise. With cruising being a family activity in demand, there has been a spurt in the demand for information and feedback on accommodation facilities that are close to the cruise ports that one must reach for the journey to begin.

  1. 1.       Los Angeles’ Westin Long Beach

Los Angeles does not top the list made off the top of the head for a vacation with a family, till you are introduced to Westin Long Beach’s accommodation haven coupled with its proximity to family cruises.. With ports at San Pedro and Long Beach, a family visiting Los Angeles can reach either starting point quickly as they are but 20 miles south of the LA airport.

  1. 2.       New Orleans Drury Inn and Suites


This city boasts of a well treaded cruise port that is but a couple of paces from the umber popular River walk shopping center. Drury Inn and Suites has been popularly adjudged an economic yet uncompromisingly comfortable accommodation facility within walking distance of the New Orleans cruise port, freebies in the form of complementary drinks and breakfasts stealing the show. Apart from Drury, there are a host of hotels and inns that a visitor in the city can choose from.

  1. 3.       Orlando’s Radisson Resort

Multiple cruise lines and a variety of flexible cruise packages lend allure to Port Canaveral cruise terminal in Orlando. Beefed up with fine dining options, pools and play areas for children and express laundry services, Radission Resort is the prime choice of those heading to Orlando with a rejuvenating cruise being the main course on the menu. Be it sorties or high tides, Port Canaveral facilitates it all.

  1. 4.       Baltimore

Baltimore is a tourist destination that requires no introduction. Completing the cheery holiday environment created by interactive science centers and malls is the opportunity of availing oneself of a cruise that guarantees visibility in the hall of fame in memory lane. South Locust Point provides a free ride to Baltimore Cruise Point. Among the accommodation facilities that are situated within easy reach of cruising enthusiasts in Hampton Inn & Suites Inner Harbor.

  1. 5.       New York

In its position as a city that is replete with vacation options, New York is a place where a visitor can’t be guided to a hotel that can serve as the base camp that is surrounded by the wonders of the place. Thus, it is not surprising that the cruising ship that one is booked on could be a long way from accommodation quarters. Cape Liberty Cruise Port, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and Manhattan Cruise Terminal are the arterial cruise lines that anchor big and small cruising ships. Depending on the vacation schedule of a family, a befitting hotel can be easily found.

  1. 6.       Boston

Fairmont Battery Wharf lists among its prime assets its prized claim of being a waterfront hotel in Boston. The hotel welcomes its guests with its water taxis that ferry the residents of the accommodation facility from Boston Logan International to Wharf. Cruises form this historic city are stories that are filled with glitz and cherished moments.

  1. 7.       Charleston

A city that regularly features in works of art, Charleston is a city that has popularly been voted as a favorite among vacationing families. Charleston Place is one of those hotels that live up to the brand image of a city. This accommodation facility also advertises the fact that Oprah Winfrey had once stayed at Charleston Palace. Not only is the hotel favorably close to the cruise port in the city, but it has also been strategically placed in the middle of the city’s historic district.

  1. 8.       San Diego

Situated all of three miles from the cruise port in the city is Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside. This hotel prides itself on being sensitive to the needs of children, providing free meals for children aged 12 and below, apart from designing kids’ rooms around fantastical themes. San Diego may not be the first choice of one seeking an eventful vacation, but the city’s cruises are not to be written off in a hurry.

  1. 9.       Fort Lauderdale

Port Everglades cruise port has an extensive list of cruise options that have been exploited by hotels and travel agencies alike to bring the best cruising experience to their visitors. Days Inn Bahia Cabana is a family hotel that consists of homely settings for rooms, kitchenettes and penthouses, and is a favored hotel among tourists in the city seeking to explore the routes they wish to take.



  1. 10.   Seattle

Seattle offers its best to those titled towards cruising in the form of Pier 66 Bell Street Cruise Terminal. Edgewater Hotel is an accommodation facility preferred by those seeking easy access to the cruise terminal. Smith Cove Cruise Terminal that is at pier 91 provides competition to the before mentioned cruise terminal.

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