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Maintaining Online Reputation Using ReviewBoost

What do Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, CitySearch, Merchant Circle, InsiderPages and Angie’s List have in common? According to the Marketing Zen Group, they round out the top seven most visited business review websites. And this is only a handful of the thousands of websites where customers can place reviews. Every tech savvy business owner knows the massive impact of these websites on their company’s reputation.

Cleaning Up The Blemishes

While there are literally thousands of ways that a company can have its online presence damaged, there are only a few ways it can repair its online reputation if damaged. Today I will look at ReviewBoost, an internet reputation management firm that improves the web presence of companies that have a less than perfect image. Since its inception in 2007, the company has amassed over 4,000 customers. The firm works directly with local businesses to survey their customers. This feedback is collected in the form of a review and is used to help promote a more positive image. ReviewBoost aims to serve two groups of companies, those with an already negative reputation online, and those that are ultra-sensitive to online reputation, like your local beauty salon, that need to be proactive about establishing and maintaining a squeaky clean reputation on the internet.

ReviewBoost believes that for web-based businesses, online directories and search engines like Google provide the true measurement of your company’s branding and customer service efforts. ReviewBoost has given a meaning to the term “Local Reputation Management”, which is a culmination of social media, online marketing, SEO, customer loyalty, and reputation management. ReviewBoost claims to be the first company to provide businesses with a solution to their online image, including those that already have a negative online reputation. All of the company’s services, from sales to customer service, along with the account managers that monitor and report each company’s online reputation monthly, are done in house.

Other companies such as, Metal Rabbit Media, and even Google itself have made the leap into online reputation management. Michael Fertik, CEO of, believes “we are heading into an era where there will be the equivalent of a WikiLeaks moment for everyone,” He went on to say that “Every two weeks we find new and novel ways that people can be harmed on the Web.” Among these companies, ReviewBoost is firmly anchored into the online reputation management market opportunity that is only growing larger by the day.  If you believe that your online repute is safe from adversity, check out the thousands of companies which have been haunted and you’ll see why damage control happens every minute of business days.

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