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Must-Have High School Sports Accessories

Participating in organized sports is a great way for teens to learn the values of physical fitness, teamwork, and determination. High school sports have come a long way in previous decades and mean more than ever for college scholarships. The time that students spend in sports-related activities is time that is well spent.

Aside from the usual uniforms and cheer gear, there are a host of other items that are helpful to student athletes. These products keep them motivated and give them an edge to succeed. Here is a short list of in-demand sports accessories for high school athletes:

  • Insulated Water Bottles. These items really come in handy during practices and games. Using an ordinary, disposal plastic bottle not only harms the environment, but there is research that points to a connection between heat and chemicals in plastic bottles. While teens shake their pom poms at summer cheerleading camp, the heat from the sun beats down on water bottles on the sidelines. Purchasing an insulated one (or two) ensures that student athletes will always have a refreshing sip of water that is chemical free. These water bottles come in all shapes and styles and can even be made with school logos on the side.
  • Activity and Sleep Monitors. In the past few years, several models have flooded the market intended to help people better track their health. These wireless monitors work by using motion sensors to track a user’s every move. At night, users can wear the monitor on a wristband to track sleep patterns. The information that is obtained is usually uploaded to a website, depending on the brand, so the user can have accurate statistics and make lifestyle changes if necessary. These monitors are an awesome addition to high school athletes’ gear because they teach the connection between activity, rest, fitness, and overall health.
  • Specially-Designed Socks. This may sound like a minor detail, but the truth is that the right socks can improve a workout tremendously. Just like Soffe shorts provide comfort to cheerleaders at practice, dry-technology socks mean more ease in performance for all athletes. Athletic socks that are made to withstand sweat do not cost much compared to other athletic gear, but are certainly a higher price point than ordinary socks. The cost is more than worth it, however, and athletes that switch to sport-specific socks never go back to regular ones.
  • Strong sunscreen. Not only is the SPF important, but finding a brand that can withstand hours of sweat is also vital. As instances of skin cancer are on the rise, sunscreen has gone from an item that was occasionally used to a necessity of skin care every day. Athletes need sunscreen that is as tough as they are—and is able to do battle with the sun while they focus on the sport at hand.

Depending on the individual sport, there may be even more specific items to add to this list. If you are a parent of a high school student athlete, sit down and talk with them at the beginning of each sport’s season and discuss what might be needed. Come up with an agreed-upon budget and start by purchasing the highest priority items first.


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