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Useful Tips For Water Preservation

You do not have to earn a college degree or have high grades in science class to be able to think of ideas on how to conserve water in your homes. Simple projects can help a lot and they usually do not cost you anything. All you have to do is be conscious about all the water-consumption activities you do at home and find means to lessen your usage. Let everyone in your home take part in this conservation as well to optimize its effect.

Turn off the faucet. A simple self-discipline of turning off the faucet, while you brush your teeth or while you rinse dishes, can save you gallons of water a day. Use a glass when brushing your teeth and limit your usage to that one glass. When washing dishes, use a basin to collect water for rinsing or put the plug on your sink’s drain.

Look for leaks and fix them. Check all your indoor and outdoor plumbing. Most homeowners neglect to check their outdoor faucets, which could be a cause for the rise in water bills. Speaking of which, also monitor your bills for unexpected spikes. This is a good indication that you have a leak. Once detected, fix it immediately. Aside from saving on water, you can also prevent any damage brought to your homes by these leaks.

Be wise in cleaning your dishes. Your dishwasher will use up less water if your dishes are not so dirty, so scrape away any leftover food from your dishes before loading them in the washer. For better efficiency, only wash dishes when your washer is already full.
Change your toilet tanks. Old toilet models have large tanks that use up more water than necessary with each flush. Upgrading to a newer model, with a smaller tank, is a practical improvement. You can easily earn back that tiny expense after months of savings on water consumption.

Do not throw the rinse water from your laundry. You will be wasting gallons of water if you let that final rinse just drain in the sewer. You can collect that to water the plants, clean the windows, or mop the floor. Just like with dishwashers, also do your laundry only when the load is full.

Plan your garden well. If you live in a zone where temperatures can considerably rise up, choose plants that do not need too much water to live. Most herbs do not like too much sun too, so place them in a shaded area so that you will not need to water them from time to time.

Get that barrel ready on rainy seasons. Do not just watch the rain as it falls. Collect them by placing barrels or pails outside. You can use this water later on to flush the toilet, clean the car, or water the plants.

Install low-flow shower heads  The ordinary shower head allows as much as 7 gallons of water per minute to flow through it. There are newer models now that use up much less water. In addition, try to have quick showers and do not let the water flowing while you shampoo your hair or lather the soap.



Inspired by Domestic Water Meters.

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