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How to find excellent Pet dog Beds

Just the way we love comfort, our pets too love a good, comfy bed. When it comes to purchasing a bed for pets, a visit to the pet superstore provides many styles at wide-ranging prices. A dog sleeps about 14 hours in a day, so it becomes important to buy a dog bed which is comfortable. Before buying an excellent dog bed, one should consider the age, size and durability of the dog bed.  Also keep in mind the pet’s sleeping habits when choosing a pet bed. The market has an array of options available and one style may suit your dog more than other styles.

If you own a puppy, you are looking at something in which the puppy can grow. A small puppy normally does not require much cushioning as his or her weight will not bring down the pet bed. The ease of going in and coming out should be taken care of. Incase there is a round step in the dog bed it should be at a lower height. The pet bed should also be washable.

If your little puppy is going to grow up into a large dog, the pet dog will change accordingly. It should be a larger pet dog bed and the cushioning should be firmer so that it can support the weight of the dog as it grows. Also the other alternative is to buy a cheaper bed for the puppy and then change it with a larger stronger bed when the dog grows up and will spoil the bed less.

The dog bed can often start smelling very doggy like after some time. It is desirable to have a washable cover for the bed. There are many styles and colors available for the ones who like to co ordinate the bed colors to your own home style. You can keep comfort and style together.

The sleeping pattern and way of his or her sleeping method can also decide the choice you make for the perfect pet bed. Some dogs have a preference to feel covered in a dog bed, and round beds with high sides are perfect. If your dog likes to sleep in a curled up position then a reasonably sized round bed is typically perfect.  For dogs who like to stretch more, a larger round bed would be the ideal choice to make.

Many dogs like to take diverse stretched out positions when they sleep. They at times prefer burrowing into soft layers. For this kind of dogs, large, stuffed round or rectangular beds with no sides may be perfect for such dogs.

The age of the dog also helps you select the excellent pet dog bed. Older dogs get a little stiffer at the joints. The dog will profit from having a pet bed which is well padded or made from foam. It will also help to have a heated dog bed as it helps them sleep comfortably and the heating effect also soothes the minor pains and aches. Thick long furry dogs may face problem in the summer dog days. If you do not have air conditioning at your place it would be a good idea to invest in a cooling bed for your dogs. They really help to cool down your dog in the hot weather months. Some often go for a cedar stuffed dog bed as it helps keeping the fleas away. A word of caution though, if the bed is shared by a cat and dog, then a cedar bed is not a good choice and should be avoided. Cedar is dangerous for cats; if small particles are inhaled they are perilous for the cat. So it may not be a very appropriate option in a dog and cat household.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, the placing of the pet bed is important, the quieter types like to hide but still observe everything around them, some prefer by the windowsills or a pad where many people come and go. Your dog’s favorite place can determine the size of the excellent bed that you choose.

The material of the pet bed is equally important. A denim cover is the best. It is heavy duty, machine washable and does not wear like fleece. A bed with raised sides will be particularly helpful for your pet dog.

A bed which is safe and snug and makes them feel secure should be your choice for an excellent pet dog bed.

With so many pet shops and stores that welcome the pet shopping it is a good idea to take a well mannered and trained dog to try the several bed options available. This man’s best friend is likely to find a bed that will match him or her. You can also add in a small dog bed for using in the car as well.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips wrote this article. He is a pet lover from childhood. He loves his pair of Golden Retrievers very much. On their birthday he purchased bolster dog beds for them.

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