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The Twilight Saga Still Holds Top Spot

The long awaited The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the very last film in the series, has come out as the number one movie in America for the second week in a row.

Twilight is estimated to have grossed somewhere around $43.1 million dollars between Friday and Sunday. Not bad at all for a movie about blinged out vampires and werewolves who are too sexy for their shirts. The new James Bond theatrical release Skyfall came in second place with $36 million made, followed by Steven Spielberg’s newly released Lincoln film at third with $25 million made.

So far this year the film industry in America has made $9.75 billion to date with one more month in the year left. The current record for most money made in a year stands at $10.6 billion, which was made in 2009.

Some of the major motion pictures set to be released in December are Killing Them Softly starring Brad Pitt, Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Les Miserables, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty. With a lineup like that, the movie industry just might beat the record they set in 2009.


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