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Hardy Garden Plants for the Australian Climate

Growing an amazing garden in Australia is as simple as choosing the hardiest plants. Hardy plants will survive extreme conditions and generally require less care. Choosing the correct plants for your growing region will allow your garden oasis to bloom and prosper.

Native Plants

Native plants have evolved to thrive in the local climate and be as efficient as possible. This means maximizing the nutrients in the soil and using the amount of water that is available through precipitation. Native plants can survive better than imported plants in cases of less than ideal conditions such as drought, disease and unusual temperature fluctuations. Beneficial wildlife are naturally attracted to native plantings and will keep away harmful pests. Plants native to Australia vary greatly. There are flowers with large, fragrant blooms, wonderful trees and decorative shrubs. Most gardeners will find a local plant to fit their gardening needs.

Growing the Correct Plant for Your Climate

It is important to identify your climate and choose the optimal plants for your region. Australia’s planting regions are generally divided into three areas where certain plants grow well. The coastal region needs plants that can hold up to strong breezes and harsh salt waters that blow in from the ocean. The inland composes the majority of the continent and has the greatest selection for native plants. The mountain regions receive vast amounts of rain. Each of these regions have different species of plants that are hardy in these climates.


Very few plants are equipped to handle Australia’s coastal region because of the brackish air. These gardens benefit greatly from native plants such as the gymea lily, which puts out bursting red blooms every spring. The White Fan Flower is a lovely ground cover that leaves your garden with a carpet of delicate white blooms. Coast rosemary thrives in the salty coastal conditions and rewards gardeners with bright purple blooms six months out of the year.


The inland regions comprise the driest landscapes of Australia. Native plants of this region have adapted to use water in the most efficient way. Yellow buttons have tall grey-green stalks and bloom sunny yellow flowers for all 12 months of the year. Diggers speedwell is a small flowering shrub with low water needs. The white and purple flowers look very sculptural and are elegant additions to a formal garden.


The moist mountain regions have stands of rainforest and can be planted with thirstier natives. An example of this is the large green shrub, Victorian Christmas bush, that is adorned with pink and white flowers.

This article was written by the team at Living Environs, Perth Landscapers with years of experience in transforming outdoor living areas.

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