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Want to Help your Charitable Cause Gain Momentum? It’s All About Visibility

It seems that charities are everywhere these days. In many respects, that’s a positive change, because it means that needy individuals and groups are getting essential funding and supplies. Also though, this over saturation can mean that it’s harder than ever to drive attention to a particular charity, such as one that you’re specifically working with.

Low Visibility

Catch Interest

Fundraising has come a long way from the telephone-centric efforts of the past. Of course, some charities may still ring you, particularly during campaigns that coincide with certain holidays, but now, many charities have understandably realized the worth of the Internet. Some charity groups even appeal in-person, as representatives stand on street corners in an effort to capture the attention of passers-by who have generous hearts. Usually these workers wear official vests emblazoned with the name of a certain cause. It’s a great promotional method, and one which also helps demonstrate that a person is giving their funds to a legitimate cause.

Make the People Come to You

 One advantage of standing on a busy street corner whilst wearing a charity vest is that you get to interact directly with the people. However, in areas of heavy foot traffic, it’s easy to get swept up into the crowd so that you’re barely noticed.

As an alternative, consider seeking permission to set up a table, instead. Although this method means that you’ll be stationary, it gives you the potential to make an even bigger impact. To start, make sure that everyone who sees you becomes aware of precisely which cause you represent. This might seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s something that you can do easily with the help of a reusable banner. Most types can be rolled up after use, for hassle-free portability. This feature is undoubtedly a perk if your charity participates in fundraising campaigns on a regular basis.

Once you’ve established your purpose by promoting your name and cause, the only major thing that’s left to do is staff your table with few knowledgeable and friendly faces. You’ll likely soon find out that even though you’re stationed in one place, it’s usually quite easy to get the public interested in what you stand for.

As a final suggestion, don’t underestimate the power of making your charity accessible to the masses. Raising money is important, but you can make your cause more visible over a long-term basis by encouraging people to volunteer their own time, and in turn, helping the charity progress for years to come.

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