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4 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time of year to keep up your health and fitness regime, but it’s actually one of the worst times to let it slide. But by following these four simple tips you’ll increase your chances of staying fit and healthy throughout the season.

Eat Healthily

Winter is flu season, so it’s important to make sure that your immune system is in tip-top condition. One of the best ways to boost your immunity is by making sure that you eat well.

It’s easy to use the cold weather as an excuse to indulge in comfort food, but make sure to still get your 5-a-day. Homemade vegetable soups are one of the best ways to get lots of great nutrients into your body and they’re even better if you stick to seasonal vegetables. It’s a good idea to make a large batch and then freeze extra portions for later.

The darker mornings may also tempt you to get up later and skip breakfast, but this is one of the worst things you can do. Make sure you have a nutritious breakfast every morning and it will set you up for the day.


Doing regular exercise is another great way to boost your immunity. Jogging in the ice and snow may not seem appealing, so this is the perfect time of year to join a gym or take up an exercise class. Join with a friend if you can and then you can motivate each other to keep going.

Take a Trip

Although winter “’tis the season to be jolly”, it’s actually all too easy to feel glum. The shorter days mean less light, which can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition can leave you feeling depressed and anxious, and although it only affects about 7% of the population, it’s likely that many of us experience it in a mild form in one way or another.

But unless you live at the North Pole, it’s probable that there are still some hours where the sun is in the sky, so make sure to get outside and make the most of it! Wrap up warm and take a walk, and you’re sure to feel much better. It can also be a great idea to take a holiday abroad; a week in the sun is bound to cheer you up!

Reduce Stress

Christmas can be a stressful time; the kids are off school, there are in-laws to please and you need to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. But there are ways for you to enjoy the holiday too.

One of the biggest causes of wintertime stress is money; fuel bills are higher, your kids need a whole new wardrobe and you’re supposed to find enough spare money to buy presents for everyone and their neighbour. But while fuel and clothes are essential, presents are one of the big areas where you can cut back.

Buy gifts in advance throughout the year when you spot offers and you’ll find that you have a ready supply of things to give. Or you can take advantage of multi-buy offers to make up gift baskets for your family and friends. In addition, many people worry too much about what to spend on their kids. Showering your kids with presents is never a good plan and you should instead buy one thing they really want and then find a few smaller gifts for their stocking.

These tips will help you to stay fit, happy and healthy throughout the season, but do you have any extra points to add?


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